Mar 29, 2021
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Morgenstern gave his girlfriend five million rubles and a red Range Rover for her birthday

00:08, 03/30/2021

On March 29, the rapper’s beloved turned 21.

Alisher Morgenstern knows how to surprise and shock. Today the girl of the famous rap artist is 21 years old. In his microblog on Instagram, the idol of youth congratulated Dilyara, having published a series of pictures from the celebration (the author’s spelling and punctuation is given without changes. – Ed.): “The very woman who was next to Alisher even before Morgenstern, and now this whole world is ours! I love pipets, top. “

It is worth noting that Morgenstern did not skimp on presents for his beloved on her day: Dilyara received a red Range Rover with an approximate cost of 6-7 million and a silver case, which turned out to be 5 million rubles in cash. “It’s five million. You can buy whatever you want with them, ”Alisher told his beloved. Former Black Star member Yegor Creed also noted in the comments to the publication, he congratulated Dilyara and wished the couple to take care of their love.

Morgenstern congratulated his beloved Dilyara on her 21st birthday

Recall that Morgenstern is known for his extraordinary deeds. At the end of January, he announced that he was ready to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest. His candidacy, by the way, was proposed by Joseph Prigozhin The producer said that Morgenstern is quite capable of winning the competition. Timati also supported Alisher’s candidacy. On his Instagram microblog, the rapper even suggested signing a petition and creating an open vote. However, in 2021, not Alisher will go to Eurovision from Russia, but the singer Manizha.


It is noteworthy that Morgenstern has no musical education. The musician also has no higher academic education. The contractor was expelled twice from different universities. Alisher released his first video “Above the Clouds” in 2010. But real fame came to the performer in 2019, when he created his own project “# EasyRep” on the YouTube platform.

It is worth noting that there have been rumors on the Web for a long time that Morgenstern and fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev are relatives. And before the New Year, another episode of the show “Let’s Get Married!” Went on the air, where Alisher came in the company of his “father” and beatmaker Slava Merlow to find a second bride. The scandalous performer did not confirm or refute the rumors prevailing around him on the transfer. However, Vasiliev jokingly said that the rapper’s rude behavior is due to a lack of attention from his father, but the fashion historian will definitely take up the upbringing of the idol of the youth. To Larisa Guzeeva’s comment about the incredible similarity between Alexander and Alisher, the latter jokingly replied that perhaps his mother lied to him about his own father. As a result, both Morgenstern and Vasiliev agreed to undergo a DNA test.

Morgenstern and Alexander Vasiliev at the Let’s Get Married!

Recall that in 2021, Morgenstern was appointed to a senior position in one of the leading Russian banks. TV presenter Ivan Urgant in the show “Evening Urgant” ridiculed the decision of the organization. Ivan suggested that it would be convenient to place the dollar exchange rate on the rapper’s tattooed face, and other performers would follow the contagious example and go looking for “stable” earnings.

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