Feb 21, 2021
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Morgenstern erected a monument in St. Petersburg for half a million rubles

09:49, 21.02.2021

In the future, the author of the bust plans to open a museum in honor of the rapper.

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23-year-old Morgenstern erected a lifetime monument. The bust of the performer from Ufa appeared in St. Petersburg. The bronze sculpture was created by a hip-hop performer and blogger Ilya Plavnik… He said that about half a million of his personal funds were spent on the creation of the monument.

Ilya noted that the monument is open to all comers. In the future, Plavnik is planning to open a whole museum dedicated to the rapper in the northern capital. “It stands now in St. Petersburg at 7a Kirochnaya and is open to the public. The museum will be in St. Petersburg on Krestovsky Island, “- said the blogger.

Monument to Morgenstern

In the future, Ilya has more plans. He wants to cooperate with the authorities of Bashkiria, where the rapper is from. The blogger is sure that in the future they will be interested in the Morgenstern Museum. “The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan is effectively working on the development of contemporary art in the region. I am open to any suggestions, but so far the museum is funded from my pocket. “

Fin said that he communicated with Alisher himself after the installation of his monument, but did not disclose the details of the conversation. The blogger noted that Morgenstern is a personality that all modern generation is equal to. Ilya called Morgenstern a great man and the main showman on the stage, according to “Moscow Says”.


It is worth noting that Morgenstern not far from everyone causes such enthusiastic emotions. So, matchmaker Roza Syabitova after Alisher’s participation in the release of the program “Let’s get married!” said: she was left in horror from meeting the rapper. She noted that apart from sad thoughts, she had no other emotions. According to the TV presenter, the rapper was ruined, including the money. Syabitova is sure that any psychiatrist “will find a lot of symptoms in relation to his mental health.” In turn, Joseph Prigogine is convinced: Morgenstern is a wonderful artist. The producer offered to send the rapper to Eurovision, as he is sure of the outrageous artist’s victory. By the way, Alisher himself is not against representing Russia at a music competition.

Recall that Morgenstern was born in Ufa in 1998. His parents divorced, and when the future artist was 11 years old, his father died of cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcoholism. The future pop star began to get involved in music during his school years. But he has no musical education, like higher education. After school, the future artist entered the Pedagogical University, but was soon expelled from there.

The fact is that during the practice the student offered sex to the schoolgirl, and also recorded it on video. By the way, he managed to enter the university Morgenstern only thanks to the benefits that he received after the death of his father. After graduation, he entered the Ufa State Aviation Technical University with a degree in computer science. But even there the artist did not stay long: he was kicked out again.

Morgenstern released his first video “Above the Clouds” in 2010. His first popularity came to him after the publication of parody videos as part of his own project “#EasyRep” on YouTube. In 2020, Alisher was included in the Forbes rating of “40 most successful stars of Russia under 40”. The star’s fortune was estimated at $ 1.5 million.


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