Nov 7, 2021
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Morgenstern became the object of attacks from the viewer


Rapper Morgenstern, 23, got into a squabble at his concert.

The performer of the hit “I’ll someday be gone” continues to tour a lot, despite the pandemic. The singer flew to Dubai to perform at the PARUS Music Festival. However, the show was interrupted due to an unfortunate incident.

One of the spectators threatened the artist with reprisals. “They want to kill me! Give him the mic, let him explain“, – said Alisher from the stage.

The man asked the rapper what kind of world he lives in if he allows himself to swear in public when there are children in the hall. The musician listened to this tirade with equanimity and gave an answer to the troublemaker.


Immediately about the mat. If there are kids here, sorry. Your parents knew where they were taking you. I live life and do what I want. The fact that you came here is your desire, not mine. Did I make you?“- answered Morgenstern. However, the man said that he was just passing by and decided to express his opinion after hearing the strong expressions of the performer. He even suggested that Alisher leave.

After that, the rapper was no longer able to keep his cool. The singer said that his interlocutor “no one to stop people from having fun“. Then he continued to sing.

On the stage to Morgenstern his wife Dilara went up. The rapper kissed the darling passionately. Then she retired to the auditorium.

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