Jan 12, 2022
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Morgenstern announced the creation of his own media outlet


Singer Morgenstern fled Russia to the UAE, where he found something to do.

Performer Alisher Morgenstern, after migrating to Dubai, decided to create his own media outlet. The rapper will do this on the basis of his personal Telegram channel.

Recall that the head of the IC, Alexander Bastrykin, accused Morgenstern of drug trafficking on the Internet. After that, in November last year, Alisher flew to the United Arab Emirates with his wife Dilara.


While Morgenstern is thinking about returning home, he simultaneously discovers a new business for himself.

Since Morgenstern is recognized as almost a foreign agent and an enemy of the nation, we decided not to associate with him in any way. Therefore, I am proud to present to you the media “Not Morgenstern“, – the artist said with irony in his microblog.

The showman was supported by TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. In his Telegram channel “Bloody lady “the celebrity wrote:” If this is not a situation where the guy was pinned to the nail and forced to do the media in exchange for something, I am glad and sincerely congratulate. Knowing Morgen, you can be sure that he will succeed in this too.“.

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