Apr 8, 2021
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More than half of Russians intend to observe the mask regime even after the pandemic – poll

Most of the respondents (90%) said that they wear masks in crowded places, Izvestia quotes the organizers of the survey. 42% observe the mask regime where it is required, for example, in transport, another 38% prefer to defend themselves in any public places, including work.

Loyalty to the mask regime varied greatly depending on the age group: for example, the absolute majority of its supporters were 18-24 years old (68%). The respondents explained their position by the need to take care of their loved ones and the elderly, since the coronavirus has not yet been sufficiently studied and is very dangerous. At the same time, among older people it was reported that they would take off the mask at the first opportunity: 55% among people 45-54 years old and 68% among those 55-64 years old. However, among people over 65% of the years, 66% were ready to follow the mask regime in the future.

The complete rejection of masks in the event of the abolition of restrictions was reported by 46.5% of respondents. Most of them (32.2%) believe in the effectiveness of mass vaccination and believe that there will be no need for additional protection.

Another 27% of respondents believe that by the time the restrictions are lifted, collective immunity will already be formed, which will protect against further spread of the virus. 22% admitted that they were simply tired of being afraid of getting sick, and 16% said they did not want to experience constant discomfort from foggy glasses and irritation on the skin in the future.

A small proportion of respondents (5% of the total) reported that they would not wear a mask simply because they do not believe in the danger of coronavirus.

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