Oct 21, 2021
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More than a blues: how to recognize the symptoms of autumn depression

More than a blues: how to recognize the symptoms of autumn depression

Especially in the fall, it is easy to confuse melancholy with symptoms of depression.

It is important to know the difference between the “state of mind” caused by the autumn blues and a real depressive state.

More than longing

Most of us are familiar with the fall blues associated with the fall mood. How not to remember the words of the poet: “A sad time, the charm of the eyes ….”. Here’s how to tell the difference between autumn blues and real depression.

In the fall, it’s easy to miss real depression, which is far more dangerous than the fall leaves blues. It is not for nothing that experts consider depression to be a serious illness, and therefore it is dangerous to underestimate the situation.

Find the differences

In general, many people have a blues, and this is normal. In this state, people are less motivated than they usually are to work.

– The usual blues, it’s okay. Another thing is when it comes to true seasonal depression, which is very dangerous, and it is important to be able to distinguish between these symptoms, – explains Professor Ulrich Hegerl from the German Center for Depression Relief.

Depression changes lives

But how can affected people distinguish blues from true depression? According to Ulrich Hegerl, depression is a serious illness that changes a person’s life.

– Often you simply don’t recognize yourself. When depressed, active, responsible, and motivated people change. They don’t have the strength to get up and brush their teeth. They often do not feel any emotion, and they feel as if they were petrified, ”he says.

Depression can be for everyone

According to the expert, this disease can affect anyone. According to statistics, women suffer from depression about twice as often as men. It has something to do with biology and hormonal balance.

The most important thing is that people with depression receive timely professional help and treatment. Depression is a serious illness in which a person lives on average ten years less.

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