Feb 16, 2021
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More than 8 thousand applications were received for the “Competition of political scientists”

The application campaign for the “Political Scientists Competition” is over. 8,111 people have registered in a month. They represent all 85 regions of Russia, the organizers of the competition said.

This is an excellent result for such a highly specialized project, says Aleksey Komissarov, a member of the expert council of the Competition of Political Scientists, general director of the ANO Russia – the Land of Opportunities. The leaders in the number of registrations were the Moscow region and St. Petersburg, 40% of applications came from representatives of the Central Federal District, he said.

According to Komissarov, the majority of participants (43.4%) are between 30 and 40 years old. 30% are under 30 years old, and 26.5% are over 40. The youngest participant turned 18, the most experienced – 80, while there are much more men than women, said the general director of the ANO “Russia – a country of opportunities”.

Both experienced and novice specialists participate in the “Competition of Political Scientists”. A remote stage of selection awaits them, said the mentor of the competition, head of the EISI expert council Gleb Kuznetsov.

Participants were asked to choose a specialization in which they are most competent and useful. Kuznetsov said that 63.6% of the participants chose the direction “Political managers”, the remaining 36.4% – “Political analysts”. “There is reason to believe that there are enough of the contestants who have competencies in both political analytics and management,” he said.

Those registered for the competition will have to complete three tasks of the first stage: choose an area of ​​expertise, make a video interview with answers to questions about themselves, their knowledge and skills, and prepare a presentation about a project that demonstrates professional competence, said a member of the expert council of the competition, managing partner of ECOPSY Consulting “Pavel Bezruchko.

The potential of the participants will be assessed in an online test. Contestants have the opportunity to pass the remote version, then proceed to the main test.

The organizer of the “Contest of Political Scientists” is the ANO “Russia – Land of Opportunities” The project started on January 12. Citizens of the Russian Federation over 18 years of age with experience in the chosen direction can take part.


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