Sep 15, 2020
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More tests and end of vacations. Moscow explained the increase in cases of COVID-19

In Moscow, for the first time since June, an increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus was recorded: 700 infected. But this is a natural phenomenon, as experts say, and there is no reason for panic.

Moreover, today Moscow is technologically fully prepared for any negative development of events. “We are ready for any negative scenarios. But I hope they won't. And we are not planning any additional measures of restriction, sanitary protection measures, considering them sufficient. We think that the situation will be manageable in the coming weeks and months. This is very important ", - said Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin...

If we talk about the reasons for the increase in indicators, then there are a number of explanations for this. First, the quality and quantity of COVID-19 tests is growing. So, on average, in Moscow laboratories, the number of tests passed has increased from 40 to 60 thousand per day. At the same time, not everyone knows that, despite the increase in the number of detected cases, in fact, their share of the total number of tests performed has become lower. So, in early August, the percentage was 1.7%, and now it is 1.5%.

Plus, the townspeople are more conscious: on the eve of the winter season, they begin to take care of their health more actively, and therefore there are more people who want to be tested. This is also confirmed by statistics: in polyclinics, the registration for PCR research has almost doubled in comparison with the beginning of August. But at the same time, about 10% of free places are still saved for those who still want to add themselves to the list.

In addition, the volumes of planned hospitalization are resumed, and along with them the volumes of testing are increasing, because today you cannot be hospitalized without testing.

And also, as experts note, test systems are being improved and today they give less false negative results. Laboratories are now better at detecting infection because they have increased the workload.

Return to town

Another important point to consider is that the city is filled with people. Thus, in the first week of September alone, the number of new passengers on public and private transport increased by 6 million. In comparison with the summer calm months, this is an extremely tangible figure.

Organized groups returned to the city: distance work was over for many, schoolchildren began full-time study, students arrived. There are 2 million people in the student zone alone. And the elderly people who moved there with the beginning of self-isolation also returned from their dachas. Seasonal jobs, as well as people who returned to them, cannot be ruled out.

Despite the fact that the borders are mostly closed, and air traffic has not yet been fully restored in full, one should not forget that domestic tourism continues. And in it, the Russian capital is an important point on the map: it is often a place for transfers by transport, becomes an attractive object for visiting excursions, etc. So, since mid-June, one and a half million tourists have already visited the capital.

And, of course, one should not forget about such a property of the human psyche as the ability to let go of events and forget. Now, when the psychological stress associated with limitations and doubts, as well as worries about their health, subsides, people relax. It is with this that the more active movement of those walking around the city is connected. The weather does not play into the hands either: now it is getting colder, the street is no longer so comfortable and pleasant, so many prefer going to restaurants, cafes, museums and other cultural sites, where there may be more people.

Dangerous period

We must pay tribute: Moscow is not the only metropolis that faces such risks. The same thing happens in other big cities. For example, you can refer to the experience of Madrid.

And yet, which causes a large number of fears among experts, a dangerous period is approaching. Autumn is a traditional time for various acute respiratory viral infections and flu. And this is a noticeable threat of getting mixed infections.

Technological savvy

Dispelling all doubts, experts note that Moscow is perfectly prepared for various negative scenarios. Now in the capital, the number of cases of pneumonia has decreased by 4%. The number of hospitalizations decreased by 3%. The incidence of ARVI this year is lower than last. But at the same time, it is too early to relax: it is important to remember that the proportion of asymptomatic and easily ill is 50%.

The situation with critically ill patients is improving: the share of those who are in extremely serious condition decreased by 13% per month. And ventilators are now 90% free: only 145 people need such equipment.

Also, the situation is made more controllable by the fact that Moscow has a reserve of capacities for any development of events. So, for example, 60% of the bed capacity formed for patients with coronavirus is free. Conserved are special hospitals that were deployed for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients. You can deploy them within just a couple of days if necessary.

Stocks of PPE and medicines have been prepared: the city provides all the doctors on duty in COVID departments with the necessary suits and masks, and patients with free drugs. In addition, hospitals have ventilators in the right amount and extracorporeal oxygenation machines.

The people themselves provide all possible help. Since it was proven that the blood plasma of people who had an infection can have a therapeutic effect, many volunteers reached out to blood donation points. To date, a large stock has been formed: 752 liters of donor plasma, which will allow providing assistance to seriously ill patients.

In addition, the coronavirus is already more studied. Moscow doctors have developed a certain base, they have been fighting infection for several months and are constantly working on analyzing treatment protocols. A pathological atlas created by Moscow physicians helps to provide more accurate treatment, as well as contributes to a reduction in severe cases and mortality. Based on past cases, the largest base of CT images has been formed, it is analyzed by artificial intelligence, which has already learned to better recognize characteristic signs.

Vaccine research

And, of course, the main achievement that will minimize all the problems is the development of a vaccine. A new vaccine called Sputnik-V is already undergoing clinical trials. After the end of the research, it will become available to a wide range of people. More than 55 thousand people applied for participation in the study. The tests began in full. More than 250 people have already been vaccinated in the first 5 days.

At the same time, the residents of the capital are trying to protect them from another infection: the flu. Now there is an active flu vaccination campaign. More than 800,000 people have already been vaccinated this season.

Therefore, now the situation with the new coronavirus infection is not as critical as it was in the spring: everyone is prepared for COVID-19 at a higher level. On the part of doctors and authorities, there has also become more understanding, which makes it possible to keep the situation under control even in conditions of normal life in a large city.

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