Sep 7, 2021
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"More and more expensive every year": Daily Express Readers Accused West Of Demonizing Russians

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Express accused the West of demonizing Russians. They note that for ordinary residents of Western countries the Russophobia of their authorities costs “more and more every year.”

In the comments to the material of the publication about the Nord Stream 2 agreement concluded between US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it is said that this pact would allegedly allow Russia to use the gas pipeline as a political weapon. The authors recall the statements of politicians, officials and experts.

However, obviously tired of anti-Russian rhetoric, readers began to react more sharply to such analytics.

According to one user, it would be interesting to know exactly how Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to use the pipeline as a weapon if “the Russians are fulfilling their obligations under contracts even with Ukraine.”

“Russia is not interested in limiting gas supplies to Europe,” another user writes.

He notes that “in fact, Russia is not an enemy,” but the Russians were made enemies “in order to support NATO, and this costs more and more every year.”

“So Boris decides to do away with gas boilers in people’s homes and replace them with overly expensive heat exchangers that barely work. Meanwhile, Germany is investing in gas pipelines to keep its manufacturing industry going. Have you ever felt like you’re being mistaken for a fool?” – write the third.

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