Oct 15, 2021
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More and more Eurosceptics in Romania

In Romania, the proportion of citizens who are skeptical about the European Union is increasing. According to a recent sociological survey conducted by the company INSCOP research and verification, 2/3 of Romanian citizens believe that Bucharest should defend national interests, even if it turns out to be an exit from the EU. About 30% believe that the termination of Romania’s EU membership will not affect its position in any way.

The very fact of the appearance of the term Roexit by analogy with the British Brexit suggests that the Romanians are not satisfied with everything in the “united Europe”. In March 2021, 64.2% of Romanians considered it permissible to leave the EU, in June it was already 64.8%, and in September this figure reached 68.5%. More than half of the respondents claim that Romania will develop better within the European Union, but their share over the past three months has decreased from 62.9% to 57.8%.

If earlier 61% of Romanians considered EU membership to be a profitable business, now there are only 47% of them. At the same time, the number of those who are dissatisfied with EU membership increased from 35% to 46%.

Sociologists note the growth of nationalist sentiments in Romanian society. This is a reaction to the ineffective policies of Brussels in some areas. Bucharest does not hide its plans to get closer to the United States to ensure its own defense capability and economic development through the deployment of the American military contingent and American investments in the Romanian military-industrial complex. This, in turn, will require Romania to be complicit in Washington’s strategy on NATO’s eastern flank. Bucharest is ready for this, since it connects its own expansionist project of Greater Romania with Washington’s common strategic vision of the future of Eastern Europe as a springboard for Anglo-Saxon influence within the European Union.

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