Sep 10, 2021
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Montenegro is not Ukraine!

Although she is also being pushed into a “bright European future”

After the refusal of the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapic, to sign the Basic Agreement between the Government of Montenegro and the Serbian Orthodox Church and the recognition in the Assembly of the bill on the recognition of the mythical “genocide in Srebrenica”, it seemed that Montenegro was pacified. Krivokapic’s cabinet did not allow Serbian patriots to approach ministerial portfolios, and refused to revoke the recognition of Kosovo’s independence and refused sanctions against Russia.

However, the leaders of the Montenegrin Serbs from the Democratic Front, Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezhevic, received the blessing from the Serbian Patriarch Porfiry to defend the interests of the Church. They have repeatedly stated that Krivokapich and company betrayed the ideals in whose name the people chose them. The contours of the confrontation were outlined in the republic.

The enthronement of the new Metropolitan of Montenegro and Primorsky Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) Ioannikiy was scheduled for September 5 in the ancient Montenegrin capital of Cetinje, on the territory of a revered shrine – in the monastery of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos. For decades, the monastery was considered the residence of the SOC metropolitans. And suddenly in July a certain “group of residents” from Cetinje sent a petition to the mayor of the city with a request to transfer the ancient monastery of the schismatic “Montenegrin Orthodox Church” (MOC) with its leader Mirash Dedeich.

While Djukanovic was trying to take away monasteries and churches from the SOC with the help of the “Law on Freedom of Religion”, the defrocked Dedeich made insulting statements against the Serbian Church. After the loss of Djukanovic’s party in the elections, Dedeich wilted, but nevertheless, following the “group of residents”, he turned to the municipality of Cetinje with a request to allow him and his followers to serve in the ancient monastery. The municipality in response to this was silent.

However, the case did not stop.

“The Patriarch of the Serbian Church Porfiry in the Cetinje Monastery, the century-old residence of the Montenegrin bishops, will erect the governor of a foreign church, Ioannikios, as a representative of the ideology of the occupiers (!? – Ed.), And we inform you that the Cetinians and other Montenegrins … will decisively prevent this insidious and occupational act “, – a certain initiative group declared half a month before enthronement.

“No one disputes that the enthronement of a Serbian bishop should take place, but this should be done in places belonging to the Serbian Orthodox Church, for example, in Beran, Pljevlja or Pluzin, where the majority of the inhabitants are Serbs. We hope that Porfiry will understand the indignation expressed by the citizens of Cetinje over this decision, that he will change it and thus prevent inevitable conflicts in which the supporters of the Serbian Orthodox Church will be defeated, ” – supported the “initiators” by the organization Montenegrin Cultural Network of the ChKM (Montenegrin Cultural Network, SKM)

The situation was warmed up by the adviser of Dzhukanovich Veselin Velyovich, the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who urged the police not to protect the enthronement ceremony from “popular anger”, provoking street confrontation. Since then, there has been no rest in Cetinje. Then the city will host a meeting of local Nazi “komites”, following which Veljovich will declare that the experience of the Taliban banned in Russia should be used. Then a certain women’s group “God-pleasing” will hold a performance “No to the Gospel of hatred!” At the walls of the Cetinsky monastery. Then the media close to Djukanovic will launch gossip that the Serbian special services BIA and soldiers of the Cobra police special forces have arrived in the country to resist the attacks of the “Komits” …

Under these conditions, the Serbian Orthodox Church made a reasonable decision to carry out the enthronement “behind closed doors”, without the usual gathering of laity, but refused to change the place of the ceremony.

“In 1614, the Venetian travel writer Marian Bolitsa published“ Description of the Skadar Sandzhak, – it was said in the appeal of the Montenegrin-Primorsky Metropolis. – In this authentic document and an important historical source, Bolica, among other things, describes Cetinje at the beginning of the 17th century, and there he talks about the Metropolitan of Cetinje, how he sits in the Cetinje monastery and, being the spiritual pastor of the Montenegrins, recognizes the power of only the Patriarch of Pec (Serbian patriarch .- Ed.)… In the announced and planned Cetinje ceremony, there are no new details that would contradict the still consecrated church practice in Montenegro ”…

The authorities hesitated for a long time: whether to allow the ceremony to be held in the “abode of discord” or to transfer it to Podgorica. And only the arrival of the patriarch and the position of the SOC, which announced that it would not change anything, dotted the i’s.

On the eve of enthronement in Cetinje, protesters (in fact, pogromists under red (Montenegrin state) and green (nationalist) flags blocked the roads to the monastery, erected barricades, took the monastery in a ring and lit the tires in Ukrainian style.

Photo: REUTERS / Stevo Vasilievich

The faithful of the Serbian Orthodox Church did not wait for the order of the hierarchy, but in mobile groups, on tractors and excavators, in order to demolish the barricades, they advanced to the monastery. One of these groups was headed by the mayor of Budva, the Serb Mark “Bato” Tsarevich, who demolished the fortification of the “Komites” on the road from Budva to Cetina. And the authorities did not dare to allow an open confrontation. When the “komits” swept away the fences and attacked the police, throwing stones and “Molotov cocktails” at them to break into the monastery, the police responded with batons and tear gas, tearing down the barricades. Serbian Patriarch Porfiry, together with the future Metropolitan Ioannikiy, arrived at the monastery by helicopter, moving under the protection of armed machine gunners – soldiers of Montenegrin special forces.

After holding the ceremony in full rank, the patriarch and metropolitan departed for the capital Podgorica, where hundreds of believers greeted them chanting: “Axios!”, “Our Patriarch is a falcon!” Djukanovic, realizing that he had lost, hastened to hide from Cetinje. Veljovic and eight other instigators of the riots were arrested.

Prime Minister Krivokapich stated: “The situation around the events in Cetinje will be analyzed and we will not spare anyone; everyone who participated in the riots in any way will be held accountable “

And then the most interesting thing was. A joint statement of the embassies of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, the United States and the Delegation of the European Union appeared, where it was said: “For activists (to the thugs. – Ed.) will have to answer for their actions. The priority in the coming period should be the establishment of a democratic, inclusive and constructive political dialogue involving all parties that are sincerely committed to a bright European future for this NATO member country, respecting fundamental freedoms, especially freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of religion. ”

But what about Djukanovic, who has been allowed to smuggle by his Western patrons for decades? But in no way. Apparently, he will repeat the fate of other abandoned US favorites. Washington is not the first time to trade one “son of a bitch” for another. We can recall the former terrorist Hashim Thaci from Kosovo who is now sitting in The Hague on trial; something similar can happen with Krivokapich. At the same time, the Western patrons of the Montenegrin regime seem to have seen from the example of Ukraine that the “tomos” scam for the schismatics no longer brings the expected effect.

In the meantime, in Montenegro, everything remained as it was: the Serbian Orthodox Church – with believers, the political leadership – oriented to the West. And Djukanovic is overboard.

PS When the article was being prepared for publication, it became known that the mayor of Niksic, Marko Kovacevic, was the first Serb in Montenegro to be prosecuted for publicly denying the “genocide in Srebrenica”

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