Dec 30, 2020
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Montenegro adopted amendments to controversial law on religious associations

The Parliament of Montenegro has passed amendments to the controversial law on churches, which provoked massive protests in 2019-2020, according to the RTCG TV channel.

According to the source, 41 deputies of the ruling majority of 81 legislators voted for the amendments, while the opposition did not take part in the meeting.

At the end of last year, the last convocation of the Montenegrin parliament adopted a law on freedom of religion and the status of religious communities, which was not agreed with the Serbian Orthodox Church. According to the document, all churches and monasteries could be transferred to the state ownership.

Earlier, Metropolitan of Montenegro-Primorsky of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) Amfilochiy (Radovic) appealed to the government and parliament of Montenegro to withdraw the law on religious associations or leave power.

He called the actions of the country’s leadership “the definition of Montenegro in the spirit of deicide and fratricide.” The Metropolitan stressed that his position is shared by the citizens of the country, and since the authorities are representatives of the people, they must hear him and revoke the “anti-church and anti-people” law.

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