Sep 10, 2021
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“Monopoly and Sanctions”: Team “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” for the first time about Maslyakov

The founder of KVN Alexander Maslyakov gave ultimatums to the team, and later the Children of Lieutenant Schmidt left the club against their will. The death of the team captain Malygin alienated the participants.

KVN commander "Children of Lieutenant Schmidt" in his youth
Photo: KVN commander “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” in his youth, Tomsk

In an interview with Andrei Ultimate, the participants, for the first time in many years, spoke about Alexander Maslyakov and politicians at AMiK.

When asked why the team “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” did not become a television project, Slava Gulivitsky answered:

“At that time, Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov thought that all KVN players belonged only to him and on other channels these faces should not shine anywhere. There were no contracts, but there was a conceptual agreement. “

The captain of the command “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” Grigory Malygin, together with Gulivitsky auditioned for the role of the hosts of Channel One in Morning Mail. Konstantin Ernst approved.

“But Alexander Vasilyevich found out and said: either you are playing out the season, or you are going to the Morning Mail,” recalls Vyacheslav Gulivitsky.

The guys chose KVN, because they could not leave the command “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt”: “We won and went nowhere.”

“Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” was the first KVN team with a large tour of 20-30 concerts. $ 800 for 1 concert per team. The team did not have the right to perform on tour without being tied to the AMiK company. A team that already had a family needed to earn money somehow.

“It seemed to us an excessive degree of monopoly. In our case, at first, this resulted in certain sanctions. In our limited presence in the field of KVN Amikovsky, let’s put it mildly, ”admitted Dmitry Bakin.

Bakin hinted that at some point they were kicked out of the Kvnov party. The guys started making money for editing. We wrote jokes to other teams, but did not get on the air. The KVN team “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” has always been favorites of the audience. Quotes went to the people.

Photo: KVN team "Children of Lieutenant Schmidt" now
Photo: KVN team “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” now, collage from

Now “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” are touring with a variety theater. Most went into directing and screenwriting, acting in commercials.

The participants remembered that the anniversary of the death of the captain of the command “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” will soon take place. On September 21, 2021, Grigory Malygin died in his apartment. Malygin’s cause of death is cardiac arrest. Two months before his death, there was a complete robbery on Gregory. The physical condition only worsened and was fatal. The criminals have not been found so far.

Fans are wondering where the name of the team “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” came from and what it means. Participant Peter Vins admitted that the title was borrowed from the work “The Golden Calf”. It means swindlers on stage.

Oksana Rubanskaya

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