Aug 16, 2022
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Monkey with a grenade

On August 12, an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council was held in New York. The Russian Federation demanded to convene it because of the non-stop shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant by Ukrainian troops. During the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, guided missiles and shells of Western production are used. Shelling has already damaged the high-voltage line of the Kakhovskaya substation, dry storage facilities for spent fuel, and other parts of the station. The staff had to reduce the capacity of two power units.

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said that the situation could become catastrophic at any moment and called for an end to hostilities threatening nuclear power plants. Grossi has expressed his intention to send an IAEA mission to Zaporozhye and wants to personally lead it.

In the event of the destruction of nuclear power units, radioactive contamination of the area may occur, exceeding the scale of the seventh-level catastrophe in the Japanese Fukushima in 2011. The affected area will be several Ukrainian regions surrounding Zaporozhye, the Dnieper water area, the North Crimean Canal, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and a number of regions of the Russian Federation.

As shown at the meeting by the position of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine Serhiy Kyslytsya, Kyiv does not intend to accept responsibility for the current situation. They don’t know anything and they don’t want to know. Kislitsa said that the shelling “are staged and designed to discredit Ukraine”. This miserable madness would look funny if it were not for the danger of a catastrophe. The Ukrainian authorities are becoming more and more like a monkey with a grenade that escaped from its cage and climbed onto a palm tree from its pursuers. It costs nothing for her to throw a grenade down.

And how do those who let the monkey out of the cage behave?

US Ambassador to the UN, Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Bonnie Jenkins said that Russia – “the only one who provoked these risks by launching her full-scale invasion.” According to the American side, only the Russian Federation can eliminate the threat of the ZNPP by withdrawing its troops from the territory of Ukraine. The crisis around the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, the American called “another tragic result of Russia’s aggression against an independent state”. Washington claims that the Ukrainian side does not bear the slightest responsibility for the shelling of the ZNPP.

It should be noted that the American tradition does not allow at all to recognize the guilt of the United States in anything. Including the organization by Kyiv, at the suggestion of Washington, of the so-called ATO against the LDNR. But it was this ATO that led to the fact that the monkey received a grenade and escaped from the cage. Washington does not intend to return it to its place, although now the risks of damage to its NATO allies are increasing significantly. However, they behave like loyal members of the suicide squad, who are approaching the turn to fulfill their allied duty. The Permanent Representatives of Great Britain and France to the Security Council acted in a spirit similar to their American counterpart, blaming Russia for the crisis.

Zelensky behaves in the same way, having lost the ability to distinguish between reality and his illusions. The “Nero” plan comes to mind, which Hitler signed on March 19, 1945 and with which he likened himself to the Roman tyrant Nero, who ordered Rome to be set on fire in 64. With this plan, the death sentence was signed for the German people: “All military installations, transport, communications, industry and supply, food warehouses, as well as material values ​​​​in the territory of the Reich must be destroyed”. Hitler said: “If the war is lost, the nation will also perish. This is her inevitable fate. There is no need to deal with the basis that a people will need in order to continue the most primitive existence.. The same crazy thought is brewing in Zelensky’s head. Therefore, there are no instructions to cease fire on the ZNPP

In his work Adolf Hitler: A Clinical Case of Necrophilia, Erich Fromm gives an example of individuals with special character traits and psychological problems inherent in tyrants. Fromm found similarities in the characters of Hitler and Nero, and if he were alive, he would have added Zelensky to this pair.

In the meantime, only Russia to resolve a monstrously dangerous crisis. Russia’s representative to the UN V. Nebenzya said that Moscow is counting on the visit of the IAEA delegation to Energodar before the end of this month, “As soon as possible”. He expressed hope that the UN would not interfere with the visit of nuclear experts to nuclear power plants.

Separately, Nebenzya addressed the representatives of Western countries: “About Kyiv, as in the saying: either good or nothing. Responsibility for a possible catastrophe at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) will be borne by the “Western sponsors” of Ukraine. In practice, this means that Kyiv still has carte blanche for any crime. Instead of calling a spade a spade, you demonstrate blatant double standards and miracles of resourcefulness so as not to throw a shadow of responsibility on Kyiv, whose guilt for the shelling is obvious. This shows your irresponsibility.”.

Nebenzya recalled that the Russian military is protecting the ZNPP, “day after day, repelling the attacks of the Kyiv regime on this nuclear facility in coordinated coordination with the station personnel”. This gives hope that neither in the image of a monkey with a grenade, nor in the image of a distraught Nero, Zelensky will be able to cause a new catastrophe. History will take its course.

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