Jun 11, 2022
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Monkey who needed medical attention came to the clinic

wounded monkey came to the clinicDr. S. M. Ahmed of Sasaram, Bihar, India, was initially a little scared when he saw a baby monkey come to his clinic.

wounded monkey came to the clinic

But the animal behaved calmly and decently. It seemed to be patiently waiting for the doctor to pay attention to it. Looking closely at the visitor, the doctor saw several wounds on his muzzle. It seems that the quick-witted animal perfectly understood exactly where he could get help. And the doctor showed himself to be a true professional – he gave the patient a tetanus injection and smeared the wounds with a healing ointment. After that, the monkey was allowed to lie down and rest.

wounded monkey came to the clinic

The news that S. M. Ahmed was treating a monkey quickly spread around the area, and very soon a whole crowd of onlookers came to the clinic. But the doctor asked all the curious to disperse so that his unusual patient would not be nervous and could leave the hospital without hindrance.

Monkey stole a bag of evidence from the police, including the murder weapon


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