Sep 13, 2020
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Money up front. The deputy asked for a bribe so as not to interfere with the elections

Chairman of the Council of the branch of the "Fair Russia" party in Novorossiysk Mikhail Erokhin detained in the case of attempted fraud. Now he is in jail.

Non-existent violations

Erokhin demanded more than 2 million rubles for not arranging provocations on election day. With a large amount of money in his pocket, he was caught red-handed.

“He is suspected of committing a crime under Part 3 of Art. 30 h. 4 tbsp. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (attempted fraud). In the course of the carried out operational-search activity, the fact of receipt by Erokhin of funds in the amount of 2,100,000 rubles from a representative of the Novorossiysk mayor's office, acting under the control of the operational services, was documented, ”the ICR press service reported.

By the way, spravedlivoros Erokhin ran for the next convocation of the City Duma. According to the investigation, he openly blackmailed that he would arrange a number of provocations at the polling stations. “He promised to report non-existent violations, to hinder the work of the commissions,” the ICR explained. “He had to act through people under his control.”

On August 14, 2020, he came to a representative of the administration in order to discuss the actions of the candidates for the City Duma of Novorossiysk of the 7th convocation, nominated by the Just Russia political party. It turned out that we are talking about 15 party members. Erokhin offered the administration representative to transfer money for the removal of some of them from the list of registered candidates at their own request, as well as for refusal of some of them from campaigning in their constituency. The amount varied from 100 thousand to 300 thousand rubles, in total - 2.85 million rubles. The representative of the mayor's office, of course, reported this to the law enforcement agencies.

Now a number of expert examinations and other investigative actions have been assigned to establish the details of the crime.

Political technologies with a criminal bias

“We do not actively apply criminal legislation in this part, but for those who hinder the free expression of the will of citizens in elections or distort the picture of elections with the aim of manipulating, serious liability is provided. So the guy "got", despite the fact that he is a local deputy ", - considers political scientist Alexey Martynov...

Experts have recently noted that the actions of the representative of A Just Russia fit into the general picture of the opposition's methods of work lately. While every year elections are organized at an ever higher level, all violations are immediately recorded, the authorities promptly make decisions to cancel the results, if the violations are serious, etc., the opposition begins to resort to the practice of provocations. They are stuffing messages about false violations, as it was when heading for amendments to the Constitution, or, as in the case of a representative of the SR, they simply extort money for refusing to organize a provocation.

“The authorities and the opposition seem to have changed places: the state is taking steps to increase the transparency of the elections, while the opposition is trying to undermine public opinion and discredit the electoral process,” the political scientist believes. - Every year, with every electoral cycle, we see what efforts on the part of the authorities, election organizers go to increase the transparency and legitimacy of electoral procedures. The state is trying at the level of election commissions, the Central Election Commission, law enforcement officers and public and political organizations to achieve the improvement and purity of the electoral system. And the opposition, including representatives of systemic parties such as A Just Russia, on the contrary generate a huge number of fake stories, discredit themselves, trying to undermine citizens' confidence in the electoral system. "

In a year, we are expected to elect a new State Duma. The expert is convinced that such methods will intensify with the start of a large federal electoral cycle.

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