Mar 5, 2021
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Money tree care rules

Money tree care rules

Not everyone knows what a fat woman or crassula is, but many can answer the question of what a money tree looks like. This houseplant is loved by many flower growers, since caring for it is very simple, and the appearance of the fat woman is pleasing to the eye. Due to the fact that the leaves of the plant look like coins, it was called the money tree.

If you believe Feng Shui, it is this tree that will help you become rich. The fat woman has fleshy leaves in which nutrients accumulate. The amount of wealth depends on how fleshy they are. In other words, the state of this tree is directly related to the state of the financial situation of the family.

The money tree is quite unpretentious to care for. Nevertheless, sometimes the fat woman begins to wither, throw off the leaves, its trunk becomes soft and begins to bend. All this means that the tree begins to die.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, we have prepared 7 tips for caring for a fat woman for you. A plant that attracts the magic of money to your home!

You need to water the money tree in the heat twice a week. At normal temperatures, once is enough. In winter, the flower needs to be watered even less often – about once every two weeks.

Periodically pay attention to the soil in the pot, do not let it dry out too much, but do not flood it with water either. Remember that the fat woman does not like abundant and frequent watering.

You can feed the plant in the summer, twice a month will be quite enough. Fertilizer is good for cacti and succulents.

The rest of the time, the fat woman needs to be fed only once a month, and the concentrated fertilizer must be diluted twice. Top dressing should only be applied to wet soil, so feed the money tree after watering.

Often housewives put the fat woman on the windowsill, and the plant suffers from direct rays. The leaves begin to heat up, change from a rich green color to a dull brown and fall off.

In summer, it is better to remove the money tree in a place where direct sunlight does not fall. So the plant will actively grow and delight the family.

In addition to all the troubles with leaf rot, sometimes you can notice a white bloom on them. This may indicate that a pest has appeared on the fat woman – a mealy worm.

Don’t worry too much, though! To get rid of it, it is enough to wipe the leaves with a solution of laundry soap, and then wash them clean with ordinary boiled water.

A sharp change in temperature also adversely affects the money tree. Very often, the leaves begin to fall off after moving in the winter season, as they froze on the street.

In order to preserve the plant, it is necessary to wrap it in newspapers, and the more layers, the better for the money tree.

In case of defeat of a fat woman with a spider mite, a barely noticeable cobweb forms on its leaves and stem. In such a situation, soap solution or drugs “Fufanon” or “Fitoverm” will help.

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