Aug 11, 2022
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Mom who prepares daily snack baskets for children was called a sloth

daily snack basketsShannon Morris knows perfectly well that children’s school holidays have a big minus – the offspring sit at home and beg for something to eat almost every five minutes.

daily snack baskets

A mother of three from Wales figured out how to deal with the problem. Every day she puts out “survival kits” for children – baskets that contain various treats, including fruits. In addition, the Shannon children know that the basket will not be replenished during the day. And this means that you should not be greedy and eat everything at once. Also included in the “survival kit” is a large bottle of juice.

daily snack baskets

Many social media users immediately called the woman a lazy woman who cannot prepare a normal snack for her children. Shannon said that she already cooks breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and the baskets are needed only to “freeze the worm” during the day. By the way, it has never happened before that the children destroyed the entire supply allocated to them in a day, so they are not hungry. As for the unflattering accusations of laziness, the mother of the family does not care about this. On the contrary, all this negativity created her popularity on the Internet.

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