Sep 22, 2022
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Mom takes revenge on son who pulled chair out from under her at party

Mom took revenge on her son for a jokeNot long ago, Abigail Gibbs was the victim of a prank by her 11-year-old son. At a family party, he unexpectedly pulled a chair out from under a woman.

Mom took revenge on her son for a joke

But hooligan Billy hoped in vain that the fallen parent got a little angry, laughed a little and forgot about what had happened. The mother of the family harbored a terrible revenge.

Mom took revenge on her son for a joke

As a result, the boy was not ready for the return prank. Abigail removed some of the slats from his bed and carefully placed a mattress on top so that the hole was not visible. In addition, the woman did not forget to set up a video camera to capture that very moment of justice, showing that you have to pay for everything.

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