Aug 9, 2022
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Mom named her daughter after two Disney heroines, and antagonistic

names after disney charactersThe Disney fan who recently became a mother came up with a name for her daughter that perfectly illustrates how passionate the mother of the family is about magical stories.

names after disney characters

The girl received a double name in honor of two heroines of Sleeping Beauty at once, and antagonistic ones at that. The baby’s name is Aurora-Maleficent. It is worth noting that people did not like the idea of ​​naming a girl after a fairy-tale princess and her opponent.

names after disney characters

If Aurora does not cause any complaints, then the name Maleficent is only suitable for a cat. It is to be hoped that the poor child will not often use his middle name. And although parents, in principle, have every right to name the kids according to their taste, many people are sure that especially creative moms and dads can and should be stopped.

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