Aug 25, 2022
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Mom gave birth to twins with different skin colors

twins with different skin colorsAs soon as Chantel Broughton goes outside with her little twins, the kids immediately attract a lot of curious looks.

twins with different skin colors

The fact is that little Aion and Azira are very different from each other. The boy has light skin and green eyes, but his sister is much darker and her eyes are brown. Shantel said that the hairs on the children’s heads also clearly differ in texture and will most likely be of different colors.

twins with different skin colors

A resident of Nottingham (England) recalls that initially the twins differed little, Azira was only a little darker than her brother, but over time, the outward dissimilarity of the young relatives began to catch the eye. The mother of the family explains the strange genetic anomaly by the fact that both she and her husband essentially belong to mixed races. Chantel’s maternal grandfather was Nigerian, and the lady’s husband is half Scottish and half Jamaican.

twins with different skin colors

Chantelle laughingly talks about how random passers-by, seeing Aion and Azira, simply do not believe that they are twins. However, most people agree that kids are extremely cute.

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