Sep 22, 2022
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Mom and three-year-old daughter got lost in the wilderness and were rescued three days later

mother and daughter in the forestThe troubles of 21-year-old Ludmila Jesus da Silva began with such a seemingly joyful event as a family trip.

mother and daughter in the forest

A resident of Minas Gerais (Brazil) was driving a car with her lover and three-year-old daughter Chiara when the car suddenly broke down. Later, rescuers found out that the breakdown was due to dust getting into the engine. Since the mobile phone could not pick up a signal on the forest road, Lyudmila left the man to fiddle with the car, and she went with her daughter into the forest to try to find a place where the phone would pick up the connection. But it ended in a frightening way, because the woman and the girl got lost for three whole days in the wilderness, plus this area was teeming with jaguars.

mother and daughter in the forest

Rescuers, who began searching for the mother and child, finally managed to locate the missing using a drone. Lyudmila said that she was on the verge of complete despair and controlled herself only for the sake of her daughter. Mom and daughter did not eat anything all this time, but they especially suffered from thirst, because they had to be content with the moisture that accumulated on the stones. Little Chiara first of all asked the rescuers for water. Lyudmila was not worried about herself, saying that in general she was fine. However, the woman and the girl were taken to the hospital for examination and discharged the very next day.

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