Oct 23, 2021
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Moldovans were not allowed to extinguish the Eternal Flame in Chisinau

“But you will try more than once. We know. And we will be on the alert “

After the state of emergency (state of emergency) was introduced in Moldova, the Ministry of Defense decided to save on everything, and cut off the gas supply for the Eternal Flame at the Eternity Memorial Complex in Chisinau.

The Ministry of Defense announced this measure to be temporary.

“Due to the crisis in the energy sector, by the decision of the Ministry of Defense, the gas supply to the Eternal Flame was temporarily cut off from the Memorial Complex“ Eternity ”,

– said in a press release from the department.

At the same time, the Eternal Flame was not just turned off – a solemn ceremony took place, during which the soldiers of the Guard of Honor company of the General Staff Regiment Brigadier General Nikolae Petritsa received fire and transported it to the Museum of Military Glory under the Stefan cel Mare motorized rifle brigade.

However, the citizens of Moldova considered it blasphemy to turn off the Eternal Flame, and after a couple of hours the residents of Chisinau went to the Memorial “Eternity” with candles. Someone brought big candles, someone – small ones.

“While we have such a“ regime of extreme gas saving ”in our country, we will leave candles in place of the Eternal Flame. This, of course, is not the same as the Eternal Flame, but it seems to us that the fire should still burn there, at least as a symbol of the fact that in the most difficult times we must remain people, preserve the memory of generations. We do not monopolize this initiative. Therefore, anyone can join, ”

– the journalist wrote on social networks Alexandra Batanova

At nightfall, hundreds of large and small candles burned around the Eternal Flame.

The action was getting more and more crowded, ex-president Igor Dodon said that MPs from the PCRM-PSRM and members of the “Young Guard” organization are already going to the Memorial.

“And from tomorrow we will buy several gas cylinders and will support the Eternal Flame!”

– Igor Dodon promised.

This turned out to be enough for the Ministry of Defense to understand: they did something wrong, and the Eternal Flame was re-lit, and the Defense Ministry tried to justify its actions to shut down for some technical reasons, in particular, low gas pressure in the pipes and strong wind.

The Prime Minister of Moldova hastened to give explanations Natalia Gavrilitsa, also stating technical reasons. It’s just unclear what the solemn ceremony meant in this case with the transfer of the Eternal Flame to the museum and the press release of the Ministry of Defense on gas saving.

“Yes, everyone understood everything. The eternal flame was extinguished by the decision of the Ministry of Defense. And they moved it to the museum for a reason. Manuscripts don’t burn. Everybody saw the press release of the Ministry of Defense. They were just scared, they gave the back. But you will try more than once. We know. And we will be on the alert ”,

– the socialist deputy, political scientist commented on the strange events Bogdan Tsyrdya

The head of Rossotrudnichestvo Yevgeny Primakov thanked the citizens of Moldova, who did not accept the decision of the authorities and defended the Eternal Flame. At the same time, he said that Rossotrudnichestvo is ready to pay all gas bills for the Eternal Flame in Chisinau, if Moldova is unable to fulfill its duty to the fallen in the fight against fascism.

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The Guard of Honor company received the Eternal Flame, source – the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova

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