Aug 21, 2020
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Moldovan farmers continue to put pressure on the government

Chisinau hosted the third round of negotiations between protesters agrarians demanding to increase state aid in connection with the spring drought and the loss of the harvest. However, it did not bring results either - the farmers again insisted on increasing aid, the state does not have such resources, which the agrarians are constantly reminded of. Initially, the government planned to provide assistance in the amount of 1000 lei ($ 60) per hectare, farmers demanded 3000 lei ($ 180). Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Chicu during the third meeting, he stated that the state agreed to pay 1,500 lei ($ 90), but not more.

“The farmers demand three thousand lei. And the question is not whether it is a lot or a little. The fact is that the state does not have such an opportunity. Of these 300 million, 100 are taken from the fund created to fight the epidemic. This is an attempt at speculation, but the culprit is the political forces that want to destabilize the situation before the elections, ”

- Ion Chicu is sure.

According to the landowner Sergey Stefanko, the government is obliged to support farmers, because they face droughts for two years in a row and part of the harvest dies for two years in a row. Therefore, the agrarians will not leave Chisinau until they receive adequate assistance, Stefanco announced.

“We offered to introduce vouchers for 3000 lei, with which the agrarians could go to the bank and exchange them for money. And the state would then pay for these vouchers if there is no money now, ”

- the farmer found a way out Ion Plamadeala...

“The situation is daunting. Agrarians still insist on compensation for a hectare of 3000 lei. But they can receive only 1500 lei each. Even these 1500 lei are difficult to find. In all these events, of course, politicians are involved, who provoke people to increase their demands. They want to earn points for themselves, but they don’t think about the country. Responsible people don't do that. I believe that when it's difficult, you need to help everyone, and not pull the blanket over yourself. The state has opportunities, but there are also limits to these opportunities. In such cases, we must forget about political strife and together save the country! "

- commented the state secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova Michael the Great...

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