Sep 13, 2021
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Moldovan authorities start fighting Russian television again

The new authorities of Moldova decided to revive the old policy of fighting Russian TV channels, which was carried out during the government Plahotniuc

The first stage of this struggle involves a ban on the placement of advertisements during broadcasts retransmitted from Russia.

According to the Speaker of Parliament Igor Grosu, this is done solely in order to “Break the existing advertising monopoly” and protect the local manufacturer. The corresponding bill is already being developed by the parliamentary commission.

“My colleagues from the relevant commission are working on this. We are obliged to protect the local producer, we have our own talents, and the small advertising market that exists in Moldova should be given to those who produce their programs. This is my promise. Because otherwise we will not be able to create conditions for truly independent TV channels or those who want to create their own product, ”

– said the speaker.

It is clear that advertising is sometimes the only source of funding for a TV channel if it does not work for Western grants. The ban on advertising placement will eventually lead to the abandonment of Russian TV programs or to a significant decrease in their number.

And although the ruling PAS party assures that the new law will be adopted only in order to resist the advertising monopoly in the information space, but this law is too reminiscent of the bill “On the fight against foreign propaganda”, which was adopted during the government of the Democratic Party of Vladimir Plahotniuc in 2017 year. Then the authorities also said that the fight was not with Russian TV channels, but only with television programs produced in countries that had not ratified the European Convention on Transfrontier Television. It is clear that the number of these countries included the Russian Federation, and then this law gradually turned into a law against the broadcasting of Russian TV channels. Moreover, it was only about political and news channels, this ban did not apply to entertainment and music programs.

After the change of power, the parliamentary majority of the Party of Socialists was able to amend the current Code of Audiovisual Services only at the end of 2020. After that, Russian television programs returned to Moldovan television. Today, the government has changed, and the situation is developing in the opposite direction: bans are returning, anti-Russian policy is gaining momentum, and the opposition press warns that a new wave of censorship awaits the country, and not only on television.

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