Oct 3, 2021
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Moldovan authorities are ready to introduce Moldovans to “European values”

PAS MPs vote for Istanbul Convention

The Moldovan parliament on Friday, October 1, voted in the first reading to ratify the so-called “Istanbul Convention” – an international agreement against violence against women and domestic violence. True, only the deputies of the pro-presidential party PAS voted, the deputies of the communist-socialist bloc in full force left the meeting, announcing that they did not want to take part in this “shame for Moldova”. The second reading will take place in two weeks.

Attempts by socialists and communists to explain that the parliament votes for values ​​alien to Moldovans did not lead to success.

The document, adopted back in 2011, seems to pursue good goals – the countries that have acceded to the convention must create a legal basis to combat violence against women, develop a system of protection and support for victims of violence and prosecution of aggressors. The convention was signed by 46 countries, but with ratification not everything went smoothly and 11 countries have not yet ratified this international agreement, including Moldova – during the presidency Igor Dodon the socialists did everything possible to prevent its ratification. Russia and Azerbaijan – members of the Council of Europe – refused to sign this document, the first of the signatory countries Turkey announced this year to withdraw its signature.

“Many people still do not understand what threats are inherent in this convention. It’s not about women’s rights at all. It is aimed at destroying the traditional family, church, and the entire system of social ties. The concepts of father, mother, and woman are being destroyed. But it is argued that gender is not a biological given, but a subjective feeling and it can be changed ”,

– explained the socialist deputy, political scientist Bogdan Tsyrdya, who warned for a long time: as soon as the pro-Europeans get power, the first thing they do is ratify the “Istanbul Convention”.

Former President of Moldova Igor Dodon criticized the government acting contrary to the interests of the majority of the country’s population. He firmly believes that the convention is a threat “For public morality and family values, for educating the young generation in the spirit of morality and respect for their own parents”

“Under the guise of protecting women, PAS deputies are rushing to adopt the Istanbul Convention, which creates a legal basis for the promotion of sexual minorities and their propaganda in schools and kindergartens. Under a good slogan, they will allow / legalize the selection of children from families. Who do you think this child will be given to? Of course a homosexual / same-sex family. You can’t be silent ”,

– the socialist deputy sounds the alarm Vladimir Odnostalko

However, the current authorities of Moldova are sure that the country must be attached to “European values”. The sooner the better.

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