Sep 5, 2021
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Moldova will accept refugees – communists and socialists demand an explanation

“Chisinau got a chance to demonstrate its loyalty to the EU”

At every opportunity, Moldovan journalists asked the authorities the same question: will Moldova accept refugees from Afghanistan, and if so, how many. However, no one gave any specific answers to these questions, and the Speaker of Parliament Igor Gross several times explained that the government has not yet discussed this issue.

“Moldova should not remain indifferent, but we have yet to discuss how the country can help those who are fleeing Afghanistan. We still have to assess how we can help and whether we can help ”,

– Grosu told reporters.

Tried to calm the public and the Prime Minister of Moldova

Natalia Gavrilitsa, assuring that the country has no such plans, and today the authorities are more concerned with the fate of their citizens who are still in Afghanistan and for whom Moldova must ensure security.

In the meantime, the Moldovan authorities diligently avoided answering, the US State Department revealed the secret by publishing a press release listing the countries that had signed the obligation to accept refugees. Among almost a hundred countries, Moldovans found their own country.

“We undertake to do everything possible so that all citizens, residents, employees, Afghans who worked with us and are in danger can continue to move freely outside Afghanistan, we will issue documents …”

– the document says.

As it turned out, the government not only discussed this issue, but also made a decision. In this connection, the parliamentary faction of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists demanded an explanation from the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament. And also demanded to give specific answers to a number of questions.

“How many refugees from Afghanistan does the current regime intend to accept? Where will they be located? What financial sources will be used to pay for their placement? Why was this decision not discussed with the citizens of the country? Who will take on all the risks of placing Afghan refugees in Moldova, including those related to national security and public order? Citizens of Moldova have the right to know about this. We are waiting for answers within the time frame established by law. Otherwise, we will demand to hold hearings on this topic in parliament, ”

– a deputy of the faction of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists read out an appeal to the top leadership of the country Grigory Novak

The Party of Communists of Moldova published an official statement on the same occasion, which admits that the Moldovan authorities have not really discussed the issue of refugees yet, the “Western partners” made a decision for them and simply presented them with a fact. The communists of Moldova also draw attention to the fact that the declaration of the State Department was not signed by Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, not to mention Russia and Belarus.

“From this, we can conclude which of the countries of the former USSR retained its sovereignty, and which limply gave the country over to external control. However, the United States alone bears full responsibility for the current crisis in Afghanistan, and it has no moral right to transfer the consequences of its geopolitical failures to other countries, even if Washington considers them to be its vassals, ”

– reads the statement of the PCRM.

Moldovan political scientist Vladimir Rotar I am sure that the arrival of thousands of migrants will not please anyone in Moldova and will certainly turn into more than one scandal. However, today the pro-European forces that have won in the country simply have no choice but to obey their “Western partners” in everything.

“And the current crisis situation is an additional chance to significantly strengthen relations with the EU, demonstrating loyalty and readiness to help in a very acute issue for Brussels. And at the same time, along with other aid packages, receive generous subsidies for the maintenance of migrants “,

– says Rotar.

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