Nov 11, 2021
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Moldova was again promised a bright future in the EU, but after reforms

“If Moldovans believe in fairy tales, then why not make money on it?”

Experiments with the country are in the past, Moldova has made its historic choice – the European model of development and will now follow this path, without turning anywhere, the President of Moldova announced Maya Sandu, which has not made any loud statements for a long time.

The reason for the public appearance was an event called Moldovan Forum for European Integration (“Moldovan Forum of European Integration”). The event in Chisinau was organized by the efforts of the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Moldovan Foreign Policy Association and the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

Sandu warned the remaining population of the country that there are several years of reforms and reconstruction ahead, and this is all because the previous authorities – all six of her predecessors, presidents and twenty governments – could not do anything good for the country, they only destroyed everything and now she and her party will have to to restore the country. The fact that Sandu herself was a member of some of these twenty governments, she wisely did not remember.

“Moldovans have understood that European slogans mean nothing if they are carried by politicians who do not share European values. Therefore, in the last elections, people voted for strong state institutions and fair justice.

The election results showed that the priorities of citizens coincide with the provisions of the Association Agreement, which should become the foundation for the internal transformation of the country, ”

– said the president, stressing that the European aspirations of citizens were undermined by the past authorities. But now “European slogans” are in the hands of real European integrators, so citizens can sleep peacefully – the country will not deviate from the European path, she tried to convince Sandu. Well, ahead, of course, after several years of “reforms and reconstruction”, a bright European future awaits all survivors.

Moldovan journalist Dmitry Chubashenko believes that a more ridiculous name for the event than the “Moldovan Forum of European Integration” cannot be invented.

“Dozens of serious people gathered in one place to hold a scholastic debate about something that does not exist in nature. At first glance, it may seem simply amazing how various European and Moldovan non-governmental organizations have been telling all these fables about a bright European future for decades. But everything becomes clearer if you look at the root. Tens of millions of euros are written off for all this props. The people who master them have already built a bright present for themselves. If Moldovans like to believe in fairy tales, then why not build their very real business on this belief? “

– the journalist concludes.

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