Apr 18, 2021
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Moldova: The Constitutional Court’s decision only intensified the split of the parliament

“A unique case when a faction of 15 people imposed its will on the entire parliament”

The decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova on the possibility of dissolving the country’s legislative body further split the parliament.

The PSRM faction deputies are sure that the Constitutional Court made a decision that contradicts the earlier recommendations of the legal institutions of the European Union and is a real blow to the rule of law and democracy. On the contrary, the pro-presidential PAS party calls this decision a “triumph of democracy.” The DA Platform faction, former PAS associates, believes that holding elections in a difficult epidemiological situation in the country in the absence of a vaccine is simply dangerous.

And the political scientist Ion Tabirta notes the uniqueness of this situation, when a fraction of only 15 people was able to impose its will on the entire parliament, which did not agree with this.

This is a unique case when a minority managed to impose its will on the parliamentary majority and come to early elections.“,

– the expert commented on the situation in the Moldovan parliament on the air TVR Moldova

Tebyrce also hopes that “the decision of the Constitutional Court will put an end to the uncertainty in the country“.

The ex-president of Moldova, the leader of the Party of Socialists is ready to argue with him Igor Dodonwho is sure that parliament is not obliged to obey the decision of the Constitutional Court.

Time will tell how we proceed. Everything will be cleared up in the near future. Maia Sandu runs the risk of signing a decree on early elections, but the elections will be held only in her office in the presidential administration building. We do not exclude that the parliament may adopt a statement that it does not recognize the decision of the Constitutional Court. Moldova is a parliamentary republic, the parliament has the right to do so“,

– says the ex-president.

In his opinion, the decision of the Constitutional Court is contrary to the Constitution, and the Constitutional Court itself decided to help Maye Sandu usurp power in the country. In this regard, the PSRM is preparing a draft resolution of the parliament, in which it will be noted “the fact of usurpation of the Constitutional Court by three judges in favor of the political interests of the president“And demanding their resignation.

Moldovan political scientist Cornelius Chura allows parliament to resist the decision of the Constitutional Court and recognizes that MPs have the right to such resistance.

The deputies will try not to let the president dissolve parliament and organize early elections. With this development of the situation, Maia Sandu will have great difficulties in being able to move on.“,

– said Corneliu Churya.

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