Oct 9, 2021
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Moldova risks getting its Donbass – Gagauzia protests

The arrest of the Attorney General may become a catalyst for the protest movement in the country

The situation in Moldova is getting out of control, the protest rallies, which began in Gagauzia, reached Chisinau.

In Comrat, the capital of the autonomous Gagauzia, protests began in the morning after the evening detention of the Prosecutor General of Moldova, Gagauz by nationality Alexandra Stoyanoglo

Residents of Comrat demand the immediate release of the Prosecutor General.

“We strive to live in a state governed by the rule of law, where every citizen of Moldova is equal in all rights and obligations. It is necessary to prove the guilt of a person and only then make decisions. This is an illegal act. At night they do not restore justice, but do dark deeds ”,

– quotes a resident of Comrat Lyudmila Ivanova online edition Gagauzinfo

First Chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Gagauzia Ilya Stamat sure: in the Stoyanoglo case “There is not just corpus delicti, but also the events of the crime”and the Supreme Council of Prosecutors “disgraced itself in full.” Stamat has no doubts – the documents were rigged, he even knows who did it and demands punishment for those responsible.

Many in Gagauzia say that the arrest of the Prosecutor General was the last straw that overwhelmed the patience of the Gagauzians, who are constantly humiliated by the new government.

“What else has to happen in our country for the hominy to explode? I am not calling for violence or illegal actions. We just want to be heard “,

– the deputy of the People’s Assembly told reporters Grigory Dyulger

The Bashkan (Head) of Gagauzia also made an official statement Irina Vlah, calling the arrest of Stoyanoglo “A staged performance by which the country’s political authorities tried to simulate compliance with the law”, and the Moldovan government – a dictatorship.

Some politicians in Chisinau are already beginning to understand: the authorities did something wrong and today there is a real threat to get the rebellious Gagauzia, which, by the way, declared its independence before Transnistria and was ready to defend it with arms in hand. Then, in Chisinau, there was enough wisdom to persuade the Gagauz to lay down their arms, today there is no need to talk about any wisdom of the Moldovan authorities.

Former Mayor of Chisinau, “pro-European” Dorin Chirtoaca warned Mayu Sandu, that she takes too much risk of getting “The second Donbass in Moldova”… He also criticized the appointment of the acting attorney general. Dumitru Rob, who already held the post of Prosecutor General, but because of him, including the European Union, had previously suspended funding for Moldova.

“The logical explanation for this is that there are people from the new government or those close to it, involved in illegal actions, including the theft of a billion, who need to be protected. That’s why they need an obedient prosecutor. But if, in addition to excessive gas and electricity prices, we get another Donbass, who will save you? “

– asks Dorin Chirtoaca, adding that soon “Sandu will have only dust from the good times.”

Chisinau also risks getting another protest region – the Russian-speaking city of Balti, which is often called the “northern capital of Moldova”. Former Mayor of Balti, controversial politician Renato Mustache urged the townspeople to go to Chisinau to save the “life and honor” of the prosecutor general.

On Friday, protests reached the Moldovan capital.

Political analysts warn that the arrest of Prosecutor General Alexander Stoyanoglo could become a catalyst for the protest movement across the country.

Against this background, the Moldovan government did not come up with anything better than to announce the introduction of compulsory insurance of all real estate objects, in fact, a new tax.

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