Oct 11, 2021
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Moldova rallies and demands the release of the Prosecutor General

Residents of Gagauzia blocked the entrance to Gagauzia, calling it a “warning signal”

On Sunday, October 10, Moldova protested – rallies in support of the arrested prosecutor general of the country Alexandra Stoyanoglo were held in Chisinau and in Comrat, the capital of the autonomous Gagauzia.

In Chisinau, the organizer of the protest action was the Opposition Bloc “Communists and Socialists”, in Comrat, residents of Gagauzia have been protesting for many days in a row.

Leaders of the opposition bloc, ex-presidents of Moldova Igor Dodon and Vladimir Voronin they refused to speak from the stage so that the rally would not be called political, the opposition believes that everything that happens is a popular protest action.

“Aleksandr Stoyanoglo is accused on far-fetched grounds, we are fighting for building a rule-of-law state and against the arbitrariness of the authorities, we are against the dictatorship of the authorities, which are taking the first steps towards the seizure of the state. I think that this is only the beginning of the protests, there will be more of them, ”

– Dodon commented on what is happening to journalists.

The speakers at the rally recalled that Alexander Stoyanolgo was the first Moldovan Prosecutor General, supported by the people. However, the authorities need a “pocket” and obedient prosecutor general, while Stoyanoglo did not meet these requirements in any way.

In Chisinau, a protest was held in front of the presidential building, and many unflattering words were said to the country’s president, Maia Sandu.

“The PAS is a gang of yellow jackals who think they came to power for four years. But how long they will be in power is up to us, the citizens. And if we let them stay in power for four years, they will sweep away everyone who disagrees with them, everyone who speaks the truth. Sandu does not live in Moldova, but on Facebook, and there is no increase in prices and tariffs. With the help of Facebook, they were able to deceive the whole country ”,

– said the journalist Gabriel Kalin

At the rally in Comrat, the speakers warned – if we do not defend the Prosecutor General today, tomorrow they will be able to come for each of us – there is a real dictatorship in the country, which must be fought, because tomorrow it may be too late.

Those present at the rally in Comrat signed a resolution demanding the release of Stoyanoglo and his reinstatement in the post of prosecutor general.

“In case of failure to comply with these requirements, the residents of Gagauzia reserve the right to use the measures provided by law”,

– says the resolution of the meeting.

After the end of the protest, residents of Comrat blocked the road at the entrance to Gagauzia, calling it a “warning signal”: if the authorities do not respond to the demands of the Gagauzians, they promise to block intercity highways.

A resolution was also adopted at the end of the rally in Chisinau, addressing the document to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, the President of the Venice Commission, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the entire international community.

The resolution lists the requirements for the Moldovan authorities: stop unconstitutional actions, eliminate political control over justice and the prosecutor’s office, return Alexander Stoyanoglo to the post of prosecutor general.

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