May 5, 2021
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Moldova: Maya Sandu’s party swings at parliamentary majority

The presidential decree on the dissolution of parliament came into force – the pre-election campaign began in the country

According to sociological research, only four parties can enter the Moldovan parliament: the pro-presidential NOT, which intends to get a majority in parliament, counting on 54 mandates, PSRM (30 mandates), the Shor party – 10 deputy mandates and Our Party – 7 seats in parliament. The rest of the political forces, according to a study by the Barometer of Public Opinion (BPO), conducted in February this year, will not be able to overcome the electoral threshold of 5%. Similar data was shown by a study conducted at the end of April by the International Republican Institute (IRI)

I wonder what BOM gives to parties Mai Sandu 48.6%, although previously NOT I couldn’t even dream about it. In the 2019 elections, the party collected 26.84% of the vote and had 26 seats in parliament.

Some parties are considering the possibility of going to elections as part of electoral blocs.

On Tuesday, May 4, the head of Our Party Renato Mustache announced the creation of a political bloc called Renato Usatii’s Bloc, which, in addition to Our Party, will include the Patria (Motherland) party.

“I applied for registration of the Renato Usatii electoral bloc. We have every chance to get a lot of votes and get a good result. Next week I will present the program, priorities and candidates from our block. We will go to these elections because people are waiting for concrete results, ”

– said the mayor of Balti at a briefing on Tuesday.

Recall: the party Home country, led by Usaty, was expelled from the election race in 2014 on the eve of the parliamentary elections, accused of using funds received from abroad.

PSRM a week ago made an appeal to unite all left forces to create a “left bloc”, then the head of the parliamentary faction of socialists Cornelius Furkulik told reporters that negotiations on this matter are already underway.

“PSRM believes that the left-wing political forces could go into a common bloc so that there is no competition in the electoral segment, because we have nothing to divide. We have common goals. Therefore, we are negotiating. We call on all left-wing political forces to join, we are ready to make certain concessions, ”

– said Furkulita.

The main comrades-in-arms of the socialists see the communists. Also in the list of potential partners of the party “Civic Congress”, “European Left” and a new party created by the ex-prime minister Ion Chicu “Development and Unification of Moldova”.

On Tuesday, speaking at a briefing, Renato Usatii said that PSRM and PCRM have already agreed to create a bloc.

“Platform YES” Andrei Nastase, a former ally of Maya Sandu, goes to the polls alone, with no chance of breaking the five percent barrier. At the same time, the party believes that all pro-European forces should unite.

“It would be nice to return to the already proven formula, despite various differences or approaches that existed in the ACUM bloc, to return to this formula, including the National Unity Party. It would be a pro-European, Romanian symbiosis that could secure a strong pro-European majority. We have not yet missed this opportunity, and it would be nice to have discussions on this issue, ”

– said Iurie Renita, MP from Platform DA.

And only the pro-presidential party NOT confidently goes to elections on its own – the party rejects the idea of ​​creating a political bloc following the example of 2019, because they are confident that they will receive a majority in the future parliament.

“PAS goes to the polls on its own. We count on the conscientiousness of citizens “,

– said the deputy NOT Oasis Nantes on the air of the program Expert Hour on the TV channel TV Magazine

Early parliamentary elections are scheduled for July 11. For the elections, it is necessary to find 125 million lei. Where to get that kind of money, no one really thinks about it.

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