Jan 26, 2021
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Moldova is experiencing a new round of scandal over the Russian language

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The situation around the “great and mighty” is beneficial to ex-President Dodon and the party he leads

The decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova to downgrade the status of the Russian language in the Republic again plays into the hands of the Party of Socialists and its head, ex-president of the country Igor Dodon. This was stated by Andrei Mospanov, deputy director of the Institute for Social and Political Research and Regional Development (Tiraspol).

According to him, there is nothing surprising in the verdict of the Constitutional Court, since the law itself, equating Russian to the state language, was adopted at the end of 2020 in a hurry and in turmoil. Dodon sought to approve it before the inauguration of the anti-Russian president Maya Sandu.

“Obviously, this is how it was all conceived when PSRM hastily initiated a law on the status of the Russian language at the end of 2020. The socialists could not help but understand that the Constitutional Court will cancel the law. But for them, this cancellation is now a reason to mobilize their electorate before possible elections, “the expert said in a commentary to PolitNavigator.

It is quite predictable, he believes, that a wave of political emotions around the language issue is rising in the Republic. Moreover, there are both supporters and ardent opponents of the “great about the mighty” in the country. But it is Dodon’s party that will get the most of the cream on this situation, Mospanov notes.

He predicts that the political system built over the past 30 years in Moldova will continue to do everything to oust Russian. With the latest decision of the Constitutional Court, its status is “actually reduced” to the level of the languages ​​of other national minorities.

“The distance between the position of the Romanian and Russian languages ​​has grown even more,” the specialist stated.

At the end of last week, Dodon himself said that serious consequences await Moldova due to the verdict of the Constitutional Court. According to the politician, PSRM has already prepared a new bill in defense of the Russian. Party members of the ex-president intend to put the document up for voting at the next session in parliament.

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