Oct 23, 2021
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Moldova introduced a state of emergency – no gas

And Kiev has already said that it “can afford” to lend gas to its neighbors

On Friday, October 22, a state of emergency (PE) was introduced in Moldova for a period of 30 days – from October 22 to November 20. 55 deputies of the pro-presidential PAS party voted for this decision. The bloc of communists and socialists, as well as the faction of the Shor party, abstained from voting.

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa explained the need to introduce a state of emergency by the fact that in this case it would be possible to bypass the procedures provided for by law in order to accelerate the purchase of gas from alternative sources.

However, the introduction of a state of emergency provides not only a special regime for the purchase of natural gas and the allocation of the necessary funding for this, but also the coordination of media activities, as well as “Creation of prompt instruments for collecting payments from consumers for used natural gas” and the strictest saving of energy resources. And the implementation of other necessary actions “to eliminate the consequences of the situation that caused the introduction of the state of emergency”

“If someone thought that these ‘good people’ were worried about the country, they were very mistaken. In fact, the state of emergency is introduced in order to give the government freedom of action to purchase gas from so-called alternative sources, but in fact – to implement corruption schemes and kickbacks through intermediaries, ”

– the socialist deputy has no doubts Ernst Vardanyan

And the ex-prime minister of Moldova Ion Chicu I am sure that another reason for the introduction of the state of emergency is the cancellation of local elections in Balti, the second largest city in the country with a predominantly Russian-speaking population.

The ex-head of the Ministry of Justice does not exclude such motivation Faddey Nagachevsky, because the government of Gavrilitsa could simply assume responsibility before the parliament for allocating money for the purchase of gas according to a simplified procedure, which does not require the introduction of a state of emergency at all.

Kiev immediately responded and promised to help Chisinau overcome the gas crisis.

“Today, an important topic of our talks was the energy security of Moldova and Ukraine. We have already rendered some assistance to Moldova and will continue to cooperate in matters of gas supply. The solidarity of Ukraine with Moldova in difficult times for it is not questioned. Together we can overcome any pressure from the Russian Federation “,

– promised the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba

And at the evening meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, an incredible decision was made – Kiev promised to provide its neighbors with gas. Is free. On credit. Because “Ukraine can afford it.”

“We believe that we can afford to do this, and we say that we will not supply this gas for money. This gas will be transferred for a certain period so that Moldova will return this gas to us later, ”

– said the head of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov on Friday evening.

Everything would be fine, but only in Ukraine itself the situation with gas is catastrophic: not only cities, but entire regions remain without gas, the heating season has not begun and no one knows when it will begin. This is despite the fact that the Ukrainian climate will be tougher than the Moldovan one. In addition, the question remains, where will Kiev get gas for Moldova? Is it really using European reserves in underground storage in the hope that Chisinau will repay the debt?

Meanwhile, the Moldovan delegation is returning from Moscow without an agreement.

“Kulminsky, Gavrilitsa, Spinu and the company have failed negotiations with the Russian Gazprom and will now introduce a state of emergency in the energy sector in Moldova. After the threats voiced by representatives of PAS Russia, it is not a fact that any agreement will be concluded from now on. Threatening Russia with a complete blocking of the PMR and the subsequent armed conflict was the last straw. And gas will henceforth be purchased from Ukraine (which does not have it), Poland (which does not have it) and Romania (which does not have it) “,

– the leader of the Nashi movement summed up the results of the parliamentary meeting Mikhail Akhremtsev

In fact, Russia does not refuse to supply gas to Moldova, it is only a matter of the price: Chisinau demands last year’s price.

Meanwhile, in Chisinau, the Eternal Flame was extinguished at the “Eternity” memorial complex, referring to the decrease in gas pressure and “difficult weather conditions”.

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