Apr 30, 2021
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Moldova: Chaos amid a pandemic

The country found itself in a similar situation for the first time in all the years of its independence.

Having signed a decree on the dissolution of parliament on the evening of April 28, the President of Moldova Maya Sandu left the country without a parliament and a capable government against the backdrop of ever deepening economic and political crises and in a difficult epidemiological situation. In a couple of weeks, a fierce election campaign will begin in the country, during which everyone will have no time to vaccinate the population and save the economy.

“We have no government or parliament, our president is showing unacceptable passivity. Plus the pandemic is added to this, the economic crisis is added. Moldova has never been in such chaos. Therefore, it will be very difficult to say how and what. The situation that has developed in Moldova can only be called chaos on the verge of complete absurdity, ”

– says the ex-judge of the European Court of Human Rights Stanislav Pavlovsky

According to the lawyer Pavel Midrigan, Moldova found itself in such a situation for the first time in all the years of its independence, and today, indeed, no one can predict how it will all end.

“A legal vacuum has formed. When something is canceled, we go back to the period before the introduction of this regime. But then there were completely different measures, much weaker than these. The pandemic has not gone anywhere, and with what measures we will wake up tomorrow, no one knows, “

– commented on the situation Midrigan.

He recalled that in the coming days, the National Commission on the State of Emergency in Healthcare will meet and decide how Moldova will further cope with the pandemic.

In addition, it is not clear where to get the money for the elections and who can allocate it, the lawyer said. In the country, both the government and the parliament are incompetent, they cannot make changes to the budget.

A expert at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies (Moscow) Vladimir Bruter I am sure that the events that have taken place in Moldova in recent days can be called “The final victory of the West”

“The decisions of April 28 can be viewed as a constitutional coup. The Constitutional Court is used as a political weapon; in principle, it could not consider parliamentary decisions (only laws). But he has the media and power cover of the West. For example, the Romanian Constitutional Court yesterday expressed solidarity with the Moldovan one, ”

– quoted by Bruter newspaper “Moldavskie vedomosti”.

The expert has no doubts – in the early parliamentary elections, the supporters of Maya Sandu will receive a majority, and the left forces will lose.

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