Jan 13, 2022
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Moldova asks for help from Gazprom

Chisinau again cannot pay for the consumed gas

“Moldova is going through another stage of the energy crisis, because in December the price for blue fuel supplies amounted to $450 per thousand cubic meters, and in January the price increased by almost $200 more. It is important to note that this time the representatives of the Moldovan authorities do not try to accuse Russia and Gazprom of the so-called “gas blackmail” and openly declare that the price has skyrocketed due to a sharp increase in prices on European gas exchanges,”

– reports the online edition “Echo of Moldova”.

Moldova asks for help from Gazprom

The publication recalls that in October last year, Moldovagaz and Gazprom extended the then-existing contract for the supply of gas to Moldova for another five years, adopting a gas price calculation formula that would take into account existing market prices.

The contract contains a clause according to which Chisinau is obliged to pay for the gas consumed last month, as well as half of the cost of the volume of gas consumed this month.

And it is very difficult for Moldova to fulfill this point.

And according to the latest government reports, Moldovagaz will not be able to pay off Gazprom until January 20, the Moldovan side needs to pay almost 25 million euros, which are not available, Ekho Moldova writes.

According to the publication, the Moldovan authorities have few options – either wait for gas prices to suddenly fall, which is unlikely to happen soon, or try to change the formula by which the gas price for Moldova is calculated by Gazprom, the formula, by the way, proposed by the Moldovan side. The second option looks more real than the first one, EM notes.

“I call on the top leadership of Moldova to come to their senses, subdue their arrogance, stop playing Western Russophobic hysteria and urgently request high-level talks with our strategic Russian partners in order to find a way to help the Moldovan people survive this winter,”

– quotes the online edition of the proposal of the ex-president of Moldova Igor Dodon.

And, oddly enough, the Moldovan authorities decided to follow a reasonable path, turning to Gazprom with a request for a new deferral of payments for consumed gas.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Andrei Spinu, he turned to the chairman of the board of Gazprom Alexey Miller and, in a conversation with him, asked for a 10-20-day deferment of payments in order to enable the Moldovagaz company to raise funds.

“The Moldovan elites have finally understood that the only chance to maintain normal energy is adequate cooperation with Russia and the Russian gas supplier Gazprom, which is the only one in the region that can cover the needs of our republic in blue fuel. Moldova has no other options. I am glad that, almost for the first time in a long time, representatives of the Moldovan authorities decided to resolve the problem not with blackmail, deceit or slander based on the united West, but with an honest conversation,”

– states “Echo of Moldova”.

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