May 8, 2022
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Moldavskie Vedomosti: Ukraine will not receive MiGs

Vice President of the Parliament of Moldova Mihai Popsha said that the country cannot provide Ukraine with six MiG-29s from the Marculesti airport, as this is prohibited by the neutral status of the Republic of Moldova, prescribed in the Constitution. About writes the newspaper “Moldavskie Vedomosti”.

Persistent demands of Ukraine to provide MiGs Explained by the fact that Kyiv needs spare parts. However, Moldova is only considering the possibility of sending a group of sappers to Ukraine. This is not the first time that the Ukrainian authorities have turned to Moldova with a request to sell the MiG-29.

“We whether clear answer, what Republic Moldova not maybe allow myself be retracted in this conflict. These MiGs already it is forbidden even name flying devices, because what they not may fly, This heap scrap metal. Probably, Ukraine needed spare parts from these devices, but before those since, Bye there is lot partners, ready provide I aircraft in working able, which even it is better, how They, through which are growing trees in Marculesti, reasoning about costs I benefits such step not have no meaning”,

– said Mihai Popshoy on the air of the TV channel RliveTV.

Official Chisinau explained to Kyiv that the Republic of Moldova cannot supply military equipment.

“We we can help, in volume including providing sappers, which they could would to accept participation in demining Ukrainian territories. Republic Moldova not maybe serve source supplies or territory for transit lethal weapons, ammunition. With taking into account this Restrictions, we use any other ways rendering help our Ukrainian friends, behind exception ways military character”,

– said the Vice-Chairman of the Parliament.

Six MiG-29 military aircraft are based at the Marculesti airport, they are technically outdated and unable to take to the air. It is clear that Ukraine wants to buy them to repair damaged equipment.

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