Jan 6, 2022
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Modern Christmas: How to Fulfill Your Desires

Modern Christmas: How to Fulfill Your Desires

This is the most fabulous time of the year when everyone can become a little bit of a magician.

And in this we will not be helped by ordinary fortune-telling, but by Simoron rituals with unpretentious, but effective practices. Simulating means finding a way out of problems playfully, using funny and ridiculous practices, because positive actions can quickly move the situation in your favor.


The simoron technique will help you attract whatever you want. On Christmas night, take a few tangerines and write on each what you want to get in the new year: health, love, money, happiness, smiles, good mood … One tangerine – one wish. Now your task is to eat all the tangerines! You can not immediately, but gradually. If you want to share the positive with your loved ones, then treat them with your magical Simoron mandarins.


Remember the children’s fairy tale in which the magic Fish fulfilled the old man’s three wishes for letting her go? Christmas night is the right place to play this story out in your life. First you need to get a Goldfish somewhere. It can be sewn or cut out of cardboard. The main thing is that it can withstand immersion in water. Come up with those three wishes that you would like to make. Get your fishing rod or seine ready. It can be a string, rope or even a colander, and let a bath or a bowl of water become the sea.

Treat the ritual as a fun game, improvise for fun! After you have made your first wish, put the Goldfish in some secluded place until the next one. Or you can make all three wishes at once.


On Christmas night, you can cast your wish on the moon. This can be done outdoors, on a balcony, or by an open window. Make a wish first, stand still with your eyes closed, mentally establishing a connection with the moon. Then imagine your desire in the form of a fluffy bun in the palm of your hand, swing and symbolically throw your desire into the sky, to the moon.

Back home, light a red candle. Let it burn completely. If the moon is obscured by clouds, then just mentally imagine it above you in the sky.


This ritual is suitable for those who want to make life more joyful and bright. With its help, you can fulfill any of your wishes.

First you need to entrust your matches with easy tasks. So, for example, you can easily influence traffic jams or make your neighbor stop playing music at six in the morning. In other words, you can turn the course of events the way you want. So, take the matches, remove the advertising label and instead stick clean paper on which you need to write: “Magic matches.” On the reverse side, you can add your first and last name so that your matches know that they belong to you and that it is your wishes that they will fulfill. Take a match from the box and make the simplest wish that can be fulfilled immediately.

For example: “I will eat cake.” As soon as the match goes out, go and eat the treat. Thus, you fulfill your first wish, which activates all the other matches in your box. This ritual will help you in the most difficult situations.


Have eaten a cake – it’s time to drink tea. Moreover, the Christmas frosts are getting stronger and I really want warmth. Brew your favorite tea, add whatever your heart desires: sugar, honey, lemon – whatever, there are no restrictions. Place a small piece of paper under a cup of tea. Now stir the tea clockwise with a pencil, pretending that you already have a lot of money. After that, use the same pencil to write on a piece of paper: “Tea, there will be money!” and immediately put it in your wallet, preferably in a separate section, and not in the one where the money already lies.


A glass of coins will help you find a job quickly and easily. Before this practice, it is important to carry out a general cleaning at home, to wash the floors with a pinch of salt, since the salt absorbs all the negativity.

After cleaning, we start our practice. We take a glass of water and put 9 coins in it – one yellow and 8 white ones – so that each one is eagle up. There is one important point here: the more highly paid position you want to have, the higher the coin value should be.

We put a glass with coins and water in the northern part of the kitchen – this is how we let the career zone activate. Remember one very important rule: change the water and wipe the coins every day, and when you find a job, be sure to remove the glass, and spend the coins at your discretion.

Irina Vladimirova.


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