Apr 18, 2021
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Model Anastasia Reshetova admitted that she is in a new relationship

Ex-beloved Timati, model Anastasia Reshetova, under the onslaught of rumors around her personal life, admitted that she really is in a new relationship.

After parting with the rapper, there is a lot of gossip around Reshetova’s personal life. The model was even credited with having an affair with a married businessman. They say it was the rich boyfriend, whom the model so carefully hides, gave her a cottage on Rublevka and pays for all her flights in business jets.

Reshetova was tired of ridiculous rumors about her personal life. In her Instagram account, she emotionally asked not to meddle in her life and stated that now the only beloved man in her life is her son.

“I’m tired of this. I dream of deleting my account and living in peace with my beloved and children in a house outdoors, and not living under the magnifying glass of inadequate people, ”the model was indignant.

However, she later admitted that now her heart is really not free – a man from Europe is caring for her. However, due to distance and the coronavirus pandemic, there is no full-fledged relationship between the couple.

“Yes, he does. But there is no full-fledged relationship, since he lives in Europe. And this is a big barrier. But during this time, two married men have already been attributed to me. And this is unacceptable for me, ”Reshetova wrote.

Blogger Lena Miro believes that Anastasia Reshetova was clearly frightened of something when rumors spread about her new romance. In her opinion, ex-beloved Timati made a real “hysteria” on the social network.

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