Aug 7, 2022
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MK: Vladimir Putin’s cunning plan to collapse Europe has been unraveled

MK: Vladimir Putin's cunning plan to collapse Europe has been unraveled

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The Wall Street Journal wrote about the cunning plan of Russian President Vladimir Putin. MK writes about this, noting that the essence of this plan is to deprive the Europeans of gas and force politicians to abandon support for Ukraine.

The EU imposes restrictions on Russian gas, but Russia also reduces gas supplies to Europe. And in this situation, European governments no longer know whether their countries will be provided with gas for the whole winter.

Buying gas in Europe is now more expensive than ever. But even worse is that there are not enough energy resources. According to experts, Putin wants to ensure that the Europeans refuse to support those politicians who advocate increased pressure on the Russian Federation and offer to speed up the process of abandoning Russian energy resources, since Moscow, in their opinion, uses energy resources as instruments of political blackmail.

In Italy, for example, Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who actively supported Ukraine, has already been removed from his post. Moscow expects this to happen in other countries as well.

However, the Kremlin should keep in mind that anti-Russian sentiment in the West is growing, as many Europeans do not like the fact that the Russian Federation is raising oil and gas prices, analysts say.

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