Sep 10, 2022
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“MK”: Scout reported the threat of Ukrainian “sleeper cells” that are preparing sabotage

Photos from open sources

An intelligence officer, an employee of one of the Russian special forces on condition of anonymity, spoke about the threat of “sleeping cells” in the rear in a material published by MK.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, he is sure, formed “sleeping cells” in Russia and on the territories of Ukraine occupied by the Russian troops, and will also send sabotage groups.

Now it is important for the Russian Federation to fight such people on its territory, identifying them in time. The expert explained who could be such an agent.

Often agents can be those citizens who arrive in the Russian Federation from the territory of Ukraine, especially if they previously worked with the SBU or GUR and even later declared their loyalty to the Russian authorities. They come with a specific task, for the fulfillment of which they build some kind of social relations around themselves.

Recruitment can also be done through social networks. Such recruiters are looking for people who are dissatisfied with the Russian authorities, establish contact with them and then continue recruiting using professional methods.

This is how “sleeping cells” are formed, which can further arrange sabotage in the Russian Federation. And since the beginning of the “military special operation”, their number in the Russian Federation has grown, experts believe.

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