Nov 19, 2022
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“MK” informed how “Krapiva” reinforced the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Today, November 19, artillerymen of the Russian Federation celebrate their professional holiday. On this day, experts in the field of military sciences widely discussed the possibility of improving the Russian army by borrowing some of the best technologies from opponents. One of these progressive technologies is, according to military experts, the Ukrainian system called “Krapiva”.

According to the journalists of the Moskovsky Komsomolets online information and news online publication, this high-tech project proved itself very well and with high quality during a special military operation. Long before the start of the NWO, weapons systems like the Krapiva were repeatedly tried to be made in the Russian troops. The main technological developments were made, but these systems could not be introduced in the required quantity directly into the country’s armed forces. But the Ukrainian side was able to introduce a very effective strike “Krapiva” into its army, although Russian experts believe that the main merit in this is the volunteer organizations of Ukraine.

Aleksey Rogozin, a military specialist, spoke about the thorny path of the Nettle technology.

“From the very beginning, Ukrainian volunteers wrote a simple ballistic calculator, which reduced the aiming time to 40 seconds. From these simplest solutions, through constant small improvements, by 2016 a fairly effective combat tool had been formed. And in 2018, the complex was donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Rogozin said.

Therefore, the expert urged, focusing on the Ukrainian experience, to make a similar system in the troops of the Russian Federation.

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