Aug 16, 2022
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Mistress of Pierre Narcisse spoke about his illegitimate children


After the death of the singer Pierre Narcissa, illegitimate children began to appear.

Almost two months have passed since the death of Pierre Narcisse, and almost all this time the public has been discussing the singer’s illegitimate son, who allegedly lives with his mother in Moscow. On this occasion, the last love of Narcissus, Ksenia Green, spoke out rather sharply.

First of all, Ksenia turned to Pierre’s ex-wife, Valeria Kalacheva, asking her to stop talking about any of the artist’s heirs.

I want to call on the former, current, self-proclaimed women of Pierre – do not take a sin on your soul, do not spread false information about the illegitimate children of Narcissus. You yourself know very well that Pierre would never leave his child, he would always help his baby. He would not do secrets from his illegitimate paternity, as he was too open in soul. He would definitely tell me everything!Greene assured.

Ksenia Green herself dreamed of giving birth to a baby to Pierre, but the couple did not succeed in becoming parents.

Pierre really wanted more children. But we couldn’t get started. I was with two hands “for”, I wanted to become a mother again. Pregnancy for a woman is generally the most wonderful state! Now I understand that we could not become parents because of Pierre’s chronic diseases. “We need a son,” Nar told me from morning to evening, when we began to live together. – I have a daughter, you have two daughters, and now we will give birth to a boy. Alas, these dreams did not come true. Rumors that Pierre has an illegitimate child are spread by ladies eager for PR. But how can they know something, if recently Pierre was only next to me, did not communicate with his ex“, – said the beloved artist.

In fairness, it should be noted that Valeria Kalacheva also considered the news about the illegitimate son Narcis a lie and asked the public not to believe in these rumors.

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