Jan 15, 2022
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Missing Alexandra Yakovleva got in touch from the hospital after surgery


64-year-old actress Alexandra Yakovleva did not appear on the Web for 4 months, and fans sounded the alarm. It turned out that the artist had a tumor removed.

For more than four years, the star of Soviet cinema has been fighting cancer. The actress recently underwent another operation. Alexandra Evgenievna told in detail how she comes to her senses after a surgical intervention.

Recently I have been in oncology centers – first in St. Petersburg at the City Clinical Oncology Center on Veteranov, and yesterday I moved to Moscow. My daughter Lisa has been looking for the best neurosurgeon all this time, found and brought me here to the clinic. And the surgeon actually turned out to be the best. He performed an operation on me, removed the tumor! The operation was successful. Now I have three months to rehab”, – Yakovleva shared with KP.

Alexandra Yakovleva
Alexandra Yakovleva

The artist feels well, now she does not complain about anything. “Before the operation it was very bad, there was a strong depression. But there was no pain. Now my daughter visits me, helps me, supports me. When I will be discharged, I cannot say. Probably when the doctors realize that it’s time. I think that now my condition is much better than it was. My rehab includes good sleep, good nutrition, air – in general, rest“, – said the actress.

The star of “Magicians” has passed more than 10 courses of chemotherapy. The doctors gave Alexandra Evgenievna only a few months, but the actress did not give up and fought with all her might for life. And now Yakovleva does not intend to give up.

My professor, who dared to do chemistry for me, was told: “What are you doing? Are you sure she’ll survive?” The last performance I played with great difficulty. It’s not so easy when a cancer patient has to play well. And I can only do it well, I can’t do it badly. Still, the main role, here I had to try very hard. Now it’s hard for me to do everything. See for yourself what a person who is sick and has undergone at least 15 chemo experiences experiences!“- concluded the artist.

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