Apr 27, 2021
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Missiles at the ready: the Russian fleet took over the surveillance of a US ship in the Black Sea

The Black Sea Fleet took control of the US patrol ship Hamilton, which entered the Black Sea, according to the Ministry of Defense. Earlier, the department emphasized that the missile cruiser Moskva would fire in the area where the American ship was heading.

The Russian fleet in the Black Sea took under surveillance the US ship Hamilton, which entered the water area, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

Earlier, the Black Sea Fleet announced that the Moskva missile cruiser would conduct live fires in the Black Sea, where a US patrol ship was sent.

The fleet headquarters said that at several sea ranges in the Black Sea, the crew will conduct a complex of naval combat exercises, as well as joint maneuvers with ships of the Black Sea Fleet and helicopters of naval aviation and air defense.

The adjacent water area and the offshore range will be closed to ships to ensure safety during the exercise.

Earlier, information was received from the US coastal fleet that the Hamilton patrol ship will arrive in the Black Sea. The United States noted in its message that the ship will interact with NATO allies in the waters of the Black Sea.

It was also reported that the Hamilton ship on April 26 conducted exercises in the Aegean Sea with the US Navy destroyer Roosevelt.

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