Sep 16, 2020
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Mishustin guaranteed the fulfillment of all social obligations

Mikhail Mishustin
Mikhail Mishustin

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin assured that the stability of the Russian economy guarantees the fulfillment of all social obligations. He also believes that during the coronavirus pandemic, the global economic crisis and anti-Russian sanctions, Russia managed to "walk the edge", ensuring economic growth and fulfilling its obligations to the population.

Today we can say that the stability of the economy that we have managed to achieve guarantees the fulfillment of all social obligations, - quotes TASS Mishustina.

At a government meeting, he also recalled that the budget is a document “not about numbers, but about people,” and it is aimed at solving specific problems in people's lives. In addition, Mishustin called on all enterprises, not just oil companies, to take part in solving the country's economic problems during a difficult period.

The head of government noted that the recovery of people's incomes, employment and demand in Russia will begin as early as 2021.

As wrote, the Cabinet of Ministers will consider a draft law on increasing the income tax (PIT) to 15% for citizens whose income level exceeds 5 million rubles a year. Mikhail Mishustin also noted that the government is going to revise the benefits in the fuel and energy sector, increase payments for natural resources and index tobacco excise taxes.

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