Jan 11, 2022
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Miroslava Karpovich with Priluchny and his children took the stage


Actress Miroslava Karpovich continues to play performances during the New Year holidays with Pavel Priluchny, whose children came to see dad.

Pavel Priluchny spends the New Year holidays with his beloved girlfriend Miroslava Karpovich and children from a previous marriage with Agata Muceniece. The actress warmly received the heirs of her beloved. The star of “Daddy’s Daughters” does not like children.

After a loud divorce from Agata Muceniece, actor Pavel Priluchny spends a lot of time with children – seven-year-old Timofey and five-year-old Mia. The star father takes his offspring to resorts, pays an impressive alimony of 200 thousand, and recently provided his only son with a luxurious apartment in Moscow.

The new darling of the artist Miroslav Karpovich managed to find a common language with Pavel’s offspring. Recently, fans managed to film how Karpovich and Priluchny, after the next performance, went on stage together, holding Mia and Timofey’s hands. The children looked quite happy and were practically not embarrassed in front of the public. “Daddy’s daughter” acts wisely, trying to become a close person for the children of her fiancé.

Miroslava Karpovich and Pavel Priluchny with children
Miroslava Karpovich and Pavel Priluchny with children took the stage

Note that Pavel and Miroslava prefer not to advertise their relationship. Recently there were rumors that the actor made a marriage proposal to his new darling.

Pavel also reported that the past year was difficult for him. “Both morally and at work. Due to the pandemic, one on one layered. For a while, the projects froze, but then we started filming in small groups. In the end, I crossed two projects – there was no weekend at all. I haven’t taken parallel filming for a long time, in recent years I have been working on one, starting on another …“, – he said.

Pavel Priluchny with children
Pavel Priluchny with children

According to Priluchny, the New Year remained for him, as in childhood, the main holiday. “I always try to cheer myself up for this holiday. Every year I have a live decorated Christmas tree – artificial in my family has never taken root, and now too“, – the actor shared. He noted that his children never ask for many gifts from Santa Claus.

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