Sep 22, 2022
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Miro called the reason why Pavel Priluchny broke up with Muceniece


Lena Miro expressed her opinion about the personal life of Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece.

The other day, Agata Muceniece gave a frank interview to Yulia Menshova. Among other things, the actress answered questions about her ex-husband Pavel Priluchny. After listening to the statements of the star, Lena Miro suggested why she got divorced. According to the blogger, Pavel was the initiator of the gap.

“TNow I know exactly why Priluchny left Muceniece. It’s not about her hysteria, narrow-mindedness, bad taste and unkemptness, although there is little pleasant in all this. The main reason is that she is terribly self-centered.“, Miro wrote.

Lena noted that even on the wedding day, ex-wife Agatha wanted to be in the spotlight. That is why she was offended by not receiving an invitation to the celebration.

Pavel Priluchny with his wife Zepyur Brutyan
Pavel Priluchny with his wife Zepyur Brutyan

A strange woman to say the least. There’s nothing for you to do there. This is not your holiday.”, the blogger summed up on the website

Lena Miro does not hide her sympathy for the new wife of Pavel Priluchny Zepyur Brutyan. The blogger, who usually criticizes celebrities, even gave the actress advice on how to save the marriage. According to Miro, first of all, Brutyan should learn to ignore the statements of Priluchny’s ex-wife Agatha Muceniece.

Zippy, don’t be nervous. Agatha deliberately provokes you, counting on a reaction, on the fact that you will start arguing with your husband because of her antics”, Lena wrote on the website

Recall that Priluchny was married to Muceniec for about ten years. In 2020, the celebrities broke up. Recently, the actor played a wedding with his colleague Zepyur Brutyan.

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