Sep 14, 2020
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Miracle Yudo: Lavrov heals Navalny

As soon as the Russian Foreign Ministry finally stamped its foot loudly on September 9 in the afternoon, the Russian opposition blogger Alexei Navalny, who has been undergoing treatment since August 22 at the Berlin clinic "Charite" - or somewhere else - on the morning of September 10, according to the weekly Der Spiegel, came completely into consciousness and can now speak and even remember what circumstances preceded his "poisoning". The publication is surprised and states that the patient's state of health is "better than one would expect in such a situation."

Why was he healed in a timely manner?

And we are not at all surprised, because we know the iron reason why this miraculous healing happened and could not but happen right now. It lies in the message of the Russian Foreign Ministry published the day before, where the German ambassador to Moscow Geza Andreas von Geir was summoned for explanations. He was told such that in past times would mean something close to a declaration of war -

"resolute protest" in connection with the presentation of the FRG government "unfounded accusations and ultimatums against Russia in the context of the illness and hospitalization of Russian citizen Navalny, as well as the obvious use of the situation with him by Berlin as a pretext to discredit our country on the international arena."

Moscow in a threatening manner demanded "the immediate provision against the background of this hysteria of a substantive and detailed response from the German side to the official request of the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia dated August 27, 2020 with all medical data, including biomaterials, results of examinations and test samples, for the purpose of their comprehensive study and checks by specialists ".

The Russian Foreign Ministry was finally honored with a tough statement against Berlin on Navalny. Photo: MFA Russia / Globallookpress

The absence of the aforementioned materials, Moscow stressed, will be regarded as Berlin's refusal to "establish the truth within the framework of an objective investigation, and its previous and further actions in connection with A. Navalny will be regarded as a gross hostile provocation against Russia, fraught with consequences for Russian-German relations, and also a serious complication of the international situation. " Russia has placed "full responsibility for the consequences of such a policy on the government of the FRG and its allies in NATO and the European Union."

Where is without the OPCW?

And the dead man would have stirred after such menacing speeches, and even the most daring doctors would have brought the patient who brought such troubles to their country out of an artificial coma. And the authorities of the country, scorched by the anger of Russia, would feverishly think about what else to cover up their bluff and double play, except for appealing to the EU and NATO. And, since the main "hero" of the next anti-Russian provocation is again His Majesty "Novichok", they would urgently apply for indulgence to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which has recently become a pocket and engaged Western structure.

You will laugh, but the Germans did just that. The results of analyzes of samples taken from Navalny in Germany have been transferred to the OPCW, the German Defense Ministry said. According to the representative of the German government Martina Fitz, Berlin "sees no reason to transfer this data directly to Russia", since it is a member of the OPCW. Then Fitz added: "We continue to urge the Russian side to provide information." This refers to the results of analyzes of this "father of Russian democracy" made in Russia.

Battle for analysis

The previous paragraph has few words, but a lot of meaning. First, there is a German fear - a roar was heard from Moscow, and immediately there was a statement that the results of Navalny's analyzes were in the OPCW, and Russia could demand them from there. That is, if you wanted to get this data, you will. And no "protection of personal data", the need for consent to their "disclosure" of Navalny himself or his wife, it turns out, is not needed. And this is the second thing. Thirdly, even being frightened, the Germans could not overcome their arrogance and disgust towards the Russians. After all, the meaning of this act is approximately the following: you smell so bad that we do not want to deal with you directly. Fourth, German civilian and military doctors who have worked with Navalny since August 22 are still hoping to get the results of Russian tests taken in Omsk.

What for? In order not to end up in the position of the Americans who allegedly flew to the moon, who knew only approximately what the lunar soil should be, and who produced a mass of terrestrial counterfeits, which turned out to be dissimilar in chemical composition to the real one. This became clear when scientists all over the world got access to the soil actually delivered from the Moon using Soviet automatic interplanetary stations. Got an analogy? If the Germans receive the first detailed data on Navalny's Russian analyzes, it will be much easier for them and their friends in the EU, NATO and the OPCW to falsify their own, and it will be more difficult for Russia to grab these pseudo-partners by the hand, because the fake will then be more skillful.

What is happening now with Alexei Navalny is part of the work of people like him. Photo: Victor Lisitsyn, Victor Lisitsyn / Globallookpress

Since the Germans rejected the proposal of the President of the Russian National Medical Chamber, Leonid Roshal, to create a joint commission with representatives of the German Medical Chamber and, possibly, with the involvement of poisoning specialists from other countries "to hold a consultation and an impartial final decision on whether or not there was a poisoning from Alexei Navalny, "it becomes obvious: the forgers are in Berlin, not in Moscow.

Rejuvenated "Newbie"

Realizing that the threat of exposure is great, the organizers of the anti-Russian provocation are trying to hedge themselves. To expose them in this - involuntarily, of course - he himself will help ... Navalny, because, as has long been well known, "whose bread we chew, we sing a song."

Knowing what song the Germans sang, there is no doubt what the "personal guest of the Federal Chancellor" will sing now, thus re-starting his duties.

The melody of this song has already been sung to us with reference to "informed sources" by the German weekly Die Zeit: Navalny was poisoned with a "new and improved" version of "Novichok". It contained some previously unknown chemical - "more harmful and deadly than the already known" substances presented in the "Novichok" family. This slower acting chemical could be added to tea or applied to the surface of a cup or bottle.

But there are nuances

Before getting to know this poisonous "libretto" further, I want to warn you: the "sources", apparently, are really informed, the scheme of using the poison - about this below - is quite real. But, as they say, there are nuances. The "newbie", which "retired" in Russia 20 years ago, has since been developed and improved in the West, and its leading developers have also moved there - in the USA. And even greater access to Navalny's body than the agents of the Russian special services had his entourage, feeding from the same Western sources, among which there are very suspicious personalities, for example, Marina Pevchikh, who accompanied the oppositionist on the train to Tomsk, permanently residing in England.

Omsk doctors saved Navalny's life, but the organizers of this cynical provocation will be happy with a living oppositionist. Photo: Zamir Usmanov / Globallookpress

And then let's give Die Zeit an opportunity to tell how it happened, especially since Navalny himself is unlikely to deviate from this scheme in his testimony. The "opposition leader" was watched by agents of the FSB or employees of other Russian special services, who dropped the "improved" "Novichok" into his place. Navalny was saved only by "a lucky coincidence" - the quick reaction of the pilots and Omsk doctors (we do not argue with this). The operation with the use of such a "deadly and complex poison" could allegedly be carried out only by the Russian special service, which for some reason did not take care of everything else. Berlin considers the operation of foreign intelligence services in relation to Navalny, the newspaper writes, "unthinkable" in the conditions that he was closely guarded by the FSB. Die Zeit draws "only one plausible conclusion" from the false premise: "It was the Kremlin that gave the order to get rid of unwanted criticism."

This is a very patriotic statement, since earlier German Chancellor Angela Merkel said:

They wanted to silence him, and on behalf of the entire German government I condemn this in the harshest terms.

Summing up

As you can see, the situation around Navalny is developing according to the worst scenario. Germany, throwing mud at Russia, destroys the special relations that existed between both countries and is consistently leading the case towards freezing or completely abandoning Nord Stream 2, arbitrarily linking with it a muddy history with a strange illness of the Russian oppositionist.

This is being done in fear of sanctions and US pressure at a time when President Donald Trump has a good chance of re-election, forcing Berlin to play ahead of the curve to try to appease its critic, although, most likely, the trick with "Nord Stream 2" will only provoke him ... Side goals are an attempt by Germany to raise its authority in the Russophobic countries of Eastern Europe, to rally the EU on this basis and to strengthen the transatlantic solidarity, which is breathing hard at the same time. The United States, for example, is shouting about support for the FRG, and France, which was trying to establish trusting relations with Russia, began to cancel joint events with Moscow out of "solidarity" with Berlin. It cannot be ruled out that Russia's position on Belarus is also directly related to this treacherous provocation (Moscow certainly did not expect this from Berlin). If Russia left it to its own devices, didn’t help Lukashenka to hold on to power and put up with the departure of Belarus to the West, perhaps Moscow would have gotten gingerbread in the face of Nord Stream 2. But now it is unlikely.

In short, Russia has practically no friends in this world, including in Europe. Its "partners" are easily ready to sacrifice its interests. It never occurs to anyone to take care of her face. She was betrayed and will be betrayed.

The West does not consider Russians to be gentlemen, so any promises or guarantees, if required, will not be fulfilled. This is how they behave only with enemies. Russia and the Russians, who naively want everyone to love them or, in any case, take their interests into account, should understand this well and draw their own conclusions from this.

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