Nov 24, 2021
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Minsk accuses Polish officials of propaganda of war

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus opened a criminal case against Polish officials under the article “War propaganda”.

“We have recorded repeated statements by a number of Polish citizens, including officials, with calls to carry out Polish aggression against the Republic of Belarus. In this case, we are talking about the presence of corpus delicti and signs of a crime provided for in the article “Propaganda of war”,

– said the Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrey Shved

Warsaw calls the situation on the border with Belarus not a migration crisis, but a political provocation of Minsk. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in response, he explained that Belarus does not send migrants to Poland, but just does not detain them, since the final point of their movement is not Belarus or Poland, but the countries of Western Europe. Moreover, as part of the sanctions against Belarus, the EU stopped funding bilateral programs to combat illegal migration.

Warsaw’s indignation at the facts of the “border breakthrough” by migrants and statements that the borders of the Polish state are inviolable are illogical. Poland itself has repeatedly violated borders in other states for the sake of serving the United States and NATO. In the 1990s, Poland supported the bombing of Yugoslavia; in 2004, Polish troops, consisting of the so-called. international coalition invaded Iraq, then Afghanistan.

In 2016, Warsaw announced its readiness to send aircraft and special forces to Syria to help the United States. The subversive actions of the Polish special services against during and after the 2020 presidential elections in Belarus were also sabotage aimed at breaking the political system in Belarus.

In the near future, a unit of 100 British troops will arrive in Poland to help Polish border guards in guarding the border with Belarus. And the Estonian Defense Minister Kalle Laanet announced that he would send 150 Estonian soldiers to Poland as a sign of solidarity with Warsaw.

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